Leicester City

We all regret the tragic loss of the Leicester City Chairman who did so much for the club,fans and city of Leicester.It is a pity that there are so few who regard football as a way of giving rather than those who bleed clubs for their own benefit.


It’ll be interesting to see how their future pans out.

Sad he’s dead, but the Kingpower company is a byword for corruption and worker exploitation in Thailand. He may be all sweetness and light in Leicester, but the money he’s acquired has come through nefarious activities.

Along with 90% of Premier league Club Chairmen…

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Gotta hustle ennit

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How many in league one, though? :thinking:

Such as?

Stan Kronke - Has his own “outdoor” TV Channel that shows hunting and killing of vulnerable african species.

Vincent Tan - Controversy actually centres around his running of the club for incidents like him suspending Iain Moody for “overspending on transfer fees” only for him to bring in his own man, who was later deported for Visa issues.

Roman Ambramovic - Where to begin. Bribery. Illegal Share distribution. Arrest for Theft. Allegations of Loan Fraud. Antitrust Law violations in Russia. Intimidation and links to mobs.

Joshua Harris - One of Trumps advisers, along with making a £184 Million Dollar donation in exchange for a position in Trumps administration, leading to accusations of a conflict of interest.

Shahid Khan - Had to pay out £57,000 relating to workers conditions and health and saftey concerns at his company Flex and Gate in 2012.

The Leicester owners have already been mentioned.

Sheik Mansour - Links to numerous Abu Dhabi Petroleum companies of ill repute from a human rights stand point.

The Glazers - “Refinanced” their assets to mean that Man Utd basically took on debts that had nothing to do with them.

Mike Ashley - His work conditions are well documented.

Joe Lewis - Went against Argentine law for access to public lakes on his property developments. Sound innocuous? His business partners quote on the matter “We are going to defend the private property with the Winchester in the hands; with blood if needed”. Charming. Currently planning on developing an area 4 times the size of Buenos Airies on protected land for his own portfolio.


Cheers El nombre … great reply , saved me a job.

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I bet none of the aformentioned have made as much percentage profit out of football as Jeff, who needs the billions of pounds TV money and Premiership? Jeff’s the man when it comes to return on investment.

As for Leicester, can’t stand them personally. They cheated their way out of league one when other smaller clubs would have been asked to start at the bottom of the football pyramid as did Aldershot, Wimbledon, Accrington, Bradford Park Av, etc. Every time I’ve been to Leicester, either the old or new ground its been a horrible experience due in the main to their odious hooligan element. Although on my one and only visit to the KingPower, that fateful day when Sheffield Saddler took over my pub guide duties due to his experience of living in Leicester …and we all ended up in a gay bar by the rugby ground…yes that day…I did make £2.40 in 20p pieces that their lovely fans bounced off my bonce.

As for the dead guy, its tragic and a horrible way to die. But personally I’d never heard of him until after he died so I’m not going to join in with the mourn-fest as that would actually be ridiculous. People die every minute on our wonderful planet, some of them through tragic circumstances, many more through the sheer evil that runs the world with its contrived unnecessary wars, ludicrous resource distribution, and the monstrosity that is the pharmaceutical industry. Empathy in equal measure for anyone of them from me, ie. as much as I can manage without becoming emotionally bankrupt. Just because some obscenely rich fella buys people pies and donates a fraction of his wealth to hospitals, doesn’t make him any more or less mournworthy than a child that gave its sibling half its tiny bit of dinner to keep them alive shortly before having its brains blown out by a British supplied bomb in the Yemen.

Anyway that’s that off my chest, anyone know any funny jokes? :stuck_out_tongue:


Brilliant post! People die every day, often after a miserable existence which they have had little control over, and many who have done far more for others, many who deserve praise and sympathy much more, but all go unremarked as they don’t have billions of pounds and a public profile.

Let’s face it, had he been humble enough not to have a helicopter parked on the centre circle to fly home in, then he’d still be here. Hubris anyone?


I will pen a suitable response when the ale has left my system :smile:

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Can’t wait! I didn’t even get to the porn mogul at West Ham or even … Fosun.

Need to do a little research before debating with yow😉

Presumably the porn guys are on the positive side of the equation :rofl:

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