Let the rebuilding commence


As far as I know, the only players contracted to us for next season are:

and as much as I like Devlin’s passion, Kinsella’s tenacity and Joe Edwards effort the painful truth is we need a new start and so I’d let them all go.

We therefore need a new keeper to seriously compete with Liam Roberts.
An experienced centre back to play alongside Scarr, someone we needed last summer and throughout the season - another Butler.

2 full backs - is anyone convinced Norman is good enough?

A holding midfield player who will allow Dobson the freedom to be more creative, and we need pace to open up teams.

We have 3 strikers altho’ how many remain and are good enough is open to debate.

It’s a tough call. We need a new manager ( personally I’d prefer Hurst) and a new coaching team and a good budget. I’d even accept a Coventry ground share if the money was invested in the 1st team.

This time last season we thought we had our Walsall back but it didn’t materialise. Another false dawn and I fear another token gesture of appeasement will follow until JB accepts his time is done and for the greater food of WFC he moves aside.



Mitch Candlin is contracted till 2020 link, plus of course few young players, who will probably stay at the club (Kory Roberts, Dan Vann, Jordon Sangha, Dylan Parker and Callum Cockerill Molett). Omar Mussa? Club option for another year I think. I see there is still Ben Purkiss, but that’s probably some contract issues, I think his PFA commitment require it. Rest is irrelevant, till next gaffer will be signed. Later it will be his players, his plans. More important, his vision how the team should work. Or not.

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Liam Roberts - Keep but only as a number two
Chris Dunn - Get rid
Joe Slinn - Send back out on loan
Sam Leivesley - Can’t comment
Luke Little - Keep
Luke Leahy - Get rid
Jon Guthrie - Get rid
Nicky Devlin - For how much of a nice guy he is, I’m undecided. Gives his all but can’t defend.
Kory Roberts- Keep
Connor Johnson -Keep
Daniel Vann - Get rid
Jack Fitzwater - Get rid
Cameron Norman -Will probably be kept because of his big contract.
Scott Laird - Get rid
Dan Scarr - Keep
Joe Edwards - Keep
George Dobson - Keep
Adam Chambers - Offer coaching role
Zeli Ismail - Get rid
Matt Jarvis -Won’t be able to afford to keep him, so he’ll be gone.
Liam Kinsella - Keep
Maz Kouhyar - Will be kept to recover from injury
Tobias Hayles-Docherty - Get rid
Isaiah Osbourne - Get rid
Alfie Bates - Keep
Corey Taylor - Get rid
Andy Cook - Keep
Morgan Ferrier - Get rid
Mitchell Candlin - Keep
Cameron Peters - Loan him out again
Josh Gordon - Keep
Alex McSkeane - Can’t comment
Aramide Oteh - Get rid



I seriously do not understand the obsession with Dobson

He scored a goal and kept us up - thanks for that mate

But he is utter ■■■■, runs like hes had a vindaloo the night before, no presence on the ball - never feels like he could make something happen, nothing- ■■■■ him off aswell - the players have a terrible relationship with us, they wont WANT to be here.

The only ones id evenly remotely consider keeping are - Roberts (hes shown he can turn up) - Scarr - Edwards

The rest can all ■■■■ off the ■■■■■■■



Personally I don’t see what many do with Kinsella, works hard yes but has very little effect on the outcome.

Average at right back and at times non existent in the middle,I’d move him on he’s had his chance now.

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If Osbourne, Kinsella, Dobson and Edwards were good enough then we wouldn’t be 2nd bottom. Dobson has a contract so we keep him or sell him. The rest can move on. I wish them well.



according to Bescot banter site Leahy contracted until 2020



Whatever level we play at we need midfielders that can create chances and score goals themselves. None of these midfielders do either. Add to that, they are so defensively week that we’ve repeatedly had to play three in the middle to even give them a chance of getting the ball as if its the under 10’s playing against under 12’s, its an area that needs sorting from scratch not cobbling together from who may or may not be contracted, as does the whole team in fact. We spent last summer and most of the season cobbling Whitney’s contracted players into the team. If this board were stupid enough to allow DK to sign yet more sub-standard players to go with those we already had then they need to take responsibility in every way, including budget, so that the new manager insn’t similarly hamstrung. Two of them could start by resigning to save the club their salaries.



Definitely only a two year deal when he signed in 2017, and he’s not had a contract extension during his time so thankfully it will expire at the end of this season.



Should we retain any of this lot we are doing so just for the sake of it. The losing mentality is now cemented into the majority.

We need a fresh start, there are better players out there we just need a good manager who can go out and find them.

Oh and possibly coach and improve them at the same time.

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Doesn’t matter who you get rid of and who you retain if it’s done on a poor budget. I’ll wait and see if the club actually gives a ■■■■ before playing fantasy football with whatever players we may or may not keep.



Agree with what you say Geordie, but regarding 2 resigning ( know who you mean ) and saving their salaries ain’t gonna happen anytime soon, for that to happen would mean that they had the clubs best interest at heart, a realisation that they had FAILED their responsibilities regarding business development, admittance of having zero knowledge of a professional football environment. They are quite happy to parade around the stadium and suite areas in their suits masquerading as billy big balls, I look forward to the day these two clowns leave the Banks’s Circus along with the ringmaster.



You can change the losing mentality with the younger players but the senior players need to be gone.
Ultimately, they are responsible for the mess along with the management.

We need a new spine of good senior professionals who have no previous connection with the club.
Here’s a hypothetical example that won’t happen, so don’t panic…

Imagine if we got someone like Gareth Barry, aged 92, in the middle of the park and surrounded him with youth and energy… it’s hypothetcial, it’ll never happen, don’t panic.

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Total clear out from the top to the bottom both playing and non playing staff.

New strategy, new thinking and I would love new ownership, At the golden egg stadium.
A new culture where the paying customers is respected would also be a nice chnage



Said exactly the same about Dobson mate fully agree.