Liam Kinsella

Dean Keates has spoken to Liam Kinsella about playing centre midfield.

I hope this works out.

It looks like we have a manager who is putting square pegs in square holes?

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Glad DK is giving him a shot in his natural position because for him and a few others (Morris, Kouyhar etc) this season is probably the last chance they’ll have to prove themselves at this level.

Too lightweight to play that position imo.

Really not sure about Liam now. Gives his all but think he’s stagnated here last 18 months.

At least there should be a bit more rotation in that area to give Chambers more of a breather at times.

I’m not keen on Liam Kinsella wherever he plays to be honest. A Good honest young professional but too lightweight for me.

About this time last year, he & Whitney came out & announced he was forgetting about midfield to concentrate on playing at right back.

It’s hard enough to develop young players anyway, let alone when after four crucial years you still haven’t really decided where they’re supposed to play.

Not good enough at right-back or central midfield.

Hopefully Kins will have a new lease of life under the present manager and kick on.

Perhaps another who would be elsewhere if it wasnt for the Contract. Good luck to the lad this season though opportunities maybe limited; I presume Chambers will be replaced?? Thoughts?

Imo I think the lad has potential and JW didn’t help by playing him out of position. I think DK, with the right coaching, could bring him on so fingers crossed.

Dean Smith used Kinsella most regularly at right back.

Sure he’s a lovely guy and all but I’ve never rated him whenever I have seen him play.

Not sure he has the wiry, tenacious quality Keates himself had. Think you need that to play central midfield at League One level, especially if you’re not the tallest.

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In fairness, I recall being very impressed by his debut. Played RB at Bescot against Bradford, who picked him out &moved the fearsome Hanson up against him. Hanson absolutely mullered him when they first collided- Liam dusted himself off, & decided to stand a yard off & win the second ball, which he subsequently did, every time.

Also, when he stepped in against league leaders Burton when Demetriou was called up by Cyprus, he put in a MOTM shift.

He just hasn’t been able to hit those heights consistently in what is now a four year career. Could be his diminutive frame, could be failure to commit to one position, could be poor coaching/management, or he just might not be good enough. I genuinely don’t know.

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Bang on @Andy22.

A loan move to the Conference I think would be a good move. He needs to be playing regularly to see if he’s good enough

How he even has a contract is beyond me… loan him to the conference where he still wont be good enough!

Likeable lad by all accounts, but far too lightweight for the rough and tumble of the 3rd Division, certainly NOT suitable for the centre of midfield.
As with Baka, a talent wasted by poor handling by the pervious regime.
Agree about sending him out on loan, toughen him up a bit, his poor performance in the Newport game showed him up as being below 4th Division standard.