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Liam Roberts - Good enough?


Seen Dunn play 3 times . Conference standard if that . Certainly no improvement on Roberts


Roberts is ok and nothing more than that. As it stands Walsall and League 1 is his level.


What was the point in signing Dunn !!!


I suppose he was signed as backup. Other keepers are too young.


It seems pointless and a complete waste of money signing a goalkeeper that is never going to play. Even when the other goalkeeper is playing badly. Wheres the sense in that


I’ve heard that Dunn helps Tom Bradley with the kitbag if it gets heavy. He also gives death stares to the awayteam in the tunnel when getting off the team coach #steelystare #unit


Ha ha. Can he do any goalkeeping ?


Could replace him with a cardboard model. Save a few quid


The problem is, Mark Gillespie went to other club. His wage too. Normally he would be first choice keeper, but something went wrong. So Liam Roberts, who normally would be second keeper now, gaining experience, playing in cup games, maybe few league games near the end of season, had to play as number one last season. This season too. So we can accept he is not ready yet, lost some form, but have to play or hope for signing experienced keeper, who would be his mentor. One option for sure, maybe both won’t happen. That’s why I cross my fingers Liam will return soon and regain form. There are important games in January, so everything can happen.


I’d have thought that was pretty obvious? To sit on the bench in case our first choice keeper gets injured. Which is exactly what he’s done. Because that is all our budget allows. Him or some kid.


Totally agree , they may aswell give me a call , and some cash in hand when they might need me :joy:


Roberts will get back to his ‘best’ now Martin has gone (if it’s true of course…). His relentless barking at the entire defence and goalkeeper even when he was at fault himself knocked confidence, even Roberts imo. Didn’t help that Martin tried to tell him every pass to make, every time to come out. The kid can finally start making his own decisions again without that clown trying to do it for him.


Its a farce dunn. Agree with red and white. If hes that ■■■■ ill go on the bench watch the game and u dont have to pay me !!!


Yeah with our budget they may as well.


Chuffed he got a clean sheet yesterday.

Hopefully his confidence will begin to rebuild now. When he is confident in himself his defence will become more confident in him also which is really important.