Liddle Gone

Joined Hartlepool on loan until end of January.

Good riddance. One of the most inept players I have seen.

For someone with experience he really didn’t offer anything to the club.

Liddle Gone

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Hartlepool are not that desperate surely?

Featherstone must be cacking himself.

How long was his original contract? Hopefully that means he won’t be here after January too and frees up some budget

Shows DC’s ruthless side though getting rid as the pair played together and were quite pally


He played over 250 games for them and hes from those parts. Makes sense. He was never gonna get another league club.

We seem to be everyones last chance saloon.


Cant believe he was in the Bradford team that done Chelski

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Looking at his social media I think his family are still up north, so may be that he wants to be closer to home.

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He was a good signing on paper, it hasn’t worked he just hasn’t got it anymore. He certainly won’t be remembered for long.

Good luck to him


I’d take that swap deal any day of the week!

He wasn’t a bad player in those days, just legs have gone now.


Awful player in a Walsall shirt.

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Me too

The pruning begins.

Good move for all parties. Timing interesting, as in the loan expires before the end of the transfer window concludes, leaving all options open. Not sure of the rules on the amount of clubs a player can sign for in a single season.

Good luck to Liddle, and good work DC.


At least another half a dozen more need to leave too, unfortunately some of them are still under far too long contracts than they should be on, so unlikely to be moved on.

What great news

I wait too hear Gaffney has gone back


I’m guessing that’s Liddle told that he won’t get much game time and that we’re looking for replacements then. Shame it hasn’t worked, I’d wanted him here for a few seasons, always liked him and thought his experience would be just what we needed but it seems this was just a season too much for him in the FL.

Let’s hope he does well enough in Hartlepool and he enjoys it enough for them to agree a deal in January and we hopefully let it happen for nothing to free up some wages.


Very polite as always dan!

The voice of reason on Bowseys away days lol


Ask me about him on Saturday after 8 pints :joy:

I was gunna say like! haha

2.40pm on SAturday im sure youll have a differnt opinion :joy:

Good work DC ?!!