Lower Tier

Can you get a beer in the lower tier before the game and at half time? I think its time to make the switch, as the atmosphere upstairs has gone back to the way it was when it first opened.

It’s such a shame that there are 3 or 4 groups of fans that want to sing but are so spread out across the stand they have very little effect in generating an atmosphere.

We’ve been here many times before since the standing was converted and we all know its futile trying to unite these groups for various reasons - unfortunately that’s the only way it will ever improve. I just think its a shame - especially as the view is amazing.

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You can in the Bescot Bar - open to all these days

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Yes you can but it is bloody depressing, it looks like a scene from goodnight sweetheart, but the London underground not the bar of the royal oak, and you don’t have to walk down ducketts passage to get there. :wink:


Thank you chaps - is the Stadium Suite the middle bit of the F2G? I noticed there was a member of staff checking tickets to those going upstairs against Stanley, so can you get in here if your not in the upper?

Sounds like I need to avoid that Bescot Bar, never been in there in all the years its been open.

You aren’t allowed in the stadium suite middle tier bar if you have tickets for the lower tier, they usually check! Why not try the hotel by the away end? Usually away fans drink in there now the saddlery club has closed, but Walsall fans also use it! Can even have a coffee or tea if you prefer! Very sophisticated!!!

not sure that’s correct, thought new policy was all are welcome in the upper tier for pre match beers.


Yes, since the Saddlers Club got liquidated…

Since the beginning of the season, the stadium suite is open to all home fans before the match.

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Apologies Funk and everyone, I stand corrected, enjoy your pint wherever it may be.

I saw some Blackpool fans having a drink in there a few weeks ago, but the last time i tried to go in there for a drink(the hotel) there were security on the door stopping fans entering?they must have relaxed their policy if that’s the case?, unless it’s just me lol i thought that i was back at fellows park again trying to get into the popular side,i half expected that horrible copper to shove his head around the corner after i had been turned away and whisper in the security guards ear “NICE ONE SON” :joy::joy::joy: