Luke 1977 Deal

Great to see the club sorting out a deal with Luke clothing. Their Villa and Hibs stuff is decent. Bit pricey for some but I’d much rather walk around in a Luke top than Errea.

I know it’s only for formal wear to begin with but no reason why Luke can’t supply us with merchandise going forward.

Fair play to the club for getting a deal done with yet another international company.

[](http://Luke Deal)


Great company and also a smashing family .

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This looks good to me…well done those on the commercial side of our Club.

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Lovely family,i think i have said before, i worked with his brother Andy Roper for over 40 years, great scoop for the club as i already wear some Luke stuff.

Pretty sure they have a partnership with Kidderminster and Cheltenham. Pretty sure there products will be better than Errea - maybe they could start making our kits too at some point in the future :+1:t2:

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Yeah. Looks good to me.