Luke Little

Luke Little has left the club. He’s been transferred permanently to Tamworth.
Never saw him play so can’t comment too much the OS says he’s a talented lad but has been hampered by a series of injuries. He’s been on loan at Tamworth.

Watched him play at Rushall Olympic in a friendly 18 months ago and he looked really good. With us having three/four right backs already, it would have been a struggle for him to break through.

Agree with that…I was at that match and he looked good.

That was before DC was let loose on him.

Luke is a cousin of mine, don’t have a lot to do with that side of the family (they don’t like me :sunglasses:).

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Best of luck to Luke. If he does well at Tamworth maybe he may make it back the league one day.

Good luck to him. Maybe his chance will come again.