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Luton Town (H) Dec 29th, 3pm


Their disallowed goal looked like a good’un from where I was sitting (admittedly on ifollow from a bar in Spain). Would be interested to hear from anyone with a better view.


Christ, that equaliser was collective suicide.
Shocking goalkeeping coupled with hideously feeble defending.


Frustrating but felt inevitable as soon as they got one back.

Surprised that Luton are doing so well based on that. Most of their players were impressive physical specimens but didn’t see any one who looked a better football player than any of our team.

I suppose they had the last laugh, but that “time wasting” chant of theirs was cringe worthy. Typical southern snowflakes.

Anyway I enjoyed the game and it was a million times better than boxing day even if we threw it away.


Thought Pelly Ruddock looked a beast for them to be fair. Other than that, nothing special.


…No mate it sound’s like you’d definately got the best view …:wink:


This is what my Google notifications were telling me yesterday.

Thank goodness for @Welsh_Saddler!


Their equaliser looked offside too. The lino failed to notice that when Lua Lua shot, Roberts was ahead of the defender on the line and an attacker who was in play, challenging and therefore offside.


Strikers are excellent. James Collins good enough at this level and Hylton scored a hat-trick few weeks ago.

Add in Elliott Lee and particularly Shinnie in number 10 role and that’s tough to stop all of them. Rest of side is playing with confidence aswell.


I passed the ball back to Don Penn in 1979

I’ve dined off that ever since!


The oap stand is fullest with a couple of coach loads in the family Stand says it all there is a shelf life to all of this