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Luton Town (H) Dec 29th, 3pm


To be fair though their first goal had a big element of luck…a mishit shot or pass went straight to Collins who scored. The defence are not expected to cope with mishits!!! Not sure that Roberts was to blame either Collins was through and put it away well. The highlights will tell us more. The second goal was the result of a goalkeeping error although we bring some of the pressure on ourselves by having everyone in the box for corners.




At least they left it to the 94 minute to score the equaliser, which gave them virtually no time to get the winner! :wink:


Cracking game in which we played a full part.

Brilliant that our two forwards scored. Dobson, Edwards and Kinsella in midfield gives us a far sturdier base with the potential to burst and they kept one of the better midfields in this division under wraps.

The negatives were yet another Keates masterclass in how not to hold on to a lead, how panicked we quickly become and sadly I agree with others in terms of Roberts. He’s not having a great time of it.

But overall a far better game and result than I had hoped for at three o’clock.


Before we all blame Roberts, and I too will wait to see the highlights but there looked like one of the Luton players nudged the ball on with their hand just before Roberts was about to punch which through his punch out


His hand certainly went up which may have put Roberts of


There’s a cracking angle for their second filmed by a Luton fan from the side stand doing the rounds on Twitter.

Two mistakes from Roberts for that goal unfortunately. Wasn’t helped after his first punch/flap went to Leahy who headed it centrally instead of wide.


Whole club is so amateurish it is untrue from the boardroom to the pitch
Most inevitable thing was the equaliser it was only a matter of time
Watched with a neutral and he said we are amateurish in the way we warm and at half time and the way the subs just warm up the way they want
It was evident that Dobson and Edwards were out on their feet after 60mins but Keates did nowt


Should never let a 2 goal lead slip, good performance or not. Can’t wait till we ship the entire defense out.


Yeah I’ve just seen the video. I stand corrected.


Needed to hold the 2-0 longer, Luton quickly getting a goal back gave them fresh impetus. They had the offside goal soon after.

Throwing away 2 nil v ten men Sunderland far worse imo.


We just cannot clear a ball when its in our box. I know Roberts form has dipped but hopefully its a blip. The rest of the defence are just poor defenders, no more complicated than that. Good, honest pros but not very good at defending.


What a marked difference to Boxing Day .

Passion , aggression , determination and not one poor performance; compare that to Boxing Day when there was not one good performance.

And that lifted the crowd , actually creating a half decent atmosphere.

Such a shame we couldn’t hold on. Jittery keeping and defending at the end there .

But in honesty we were gifted our two goals - a needless foul for the pen and a keeping flick on direct to Cook . They also had more near misses so a draw is probably fair .

But what was pleasing was how we competed with the team with the best recent record in the country ; head to head with no big discernible difference.

I thought Gordon was awful against Bristol but he did really well today ; similar with Ferrier - full of running and was a nuisance to them . Cook led the line well again.

Midfield put a real shift in . Both Dobson and Edwards were guilty of poor distribution at times but never hid and the commitment was excellent . They never let Luton completely boss the game.

Bar the last minute corner , I also actually think the defence did well for the most part , after the shambles on Boxing Day. Devlin for me is twice the player of last season . Bodies were put on the line against a very strong and confident side , which is all you can ask for .

Disappointed , but proud Saddler .

Luton fans - compared to Bristol and considering your run and league position , barely any noise at all . And if that’s your best chant when you’ve just got a last minute equaliser then I hope Sunderland storm past you for 2nd spot .


Gutted. Again.




Well yeah obviously that’s worse :thinking:


Utterly frustrating. Like the Sunderland game all over again. Always the Walsall way. Turned on final score just after they scored, knew us winning was too good to be true somehow…


I got to head the ball today. If nothing else, I’ve waited ■■■■■■■ ages to do that.


Their first goal is absolute tripe, midfielders backing off exactly like Bristol Rovers. Keeper should have done better.

Second goal is dreadful. A couple of really half-hearted attempts at clearances and flimsy challenges, but the scorer did well to wrap his foot around it. Keeper poor.

Pity, because otherwise we defended resolutely. The gulf in confidence is clear and meant they were to extract something from the game against the odds, whereas we dithered and made poor decisions.

Their disallowed goal was a beauty.


Pity you weren’t on the line in the 94th minute


Keeper should save their first.
What was Fitz doing for their second? Why didn’t the keeper catch the first ball, plough through their striker and get the foul? Poor goalkeeping for the second phase ball too.