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Luton Town (H) Dec 29th, 3pm


And we will, a loss by our old Bescot favourite scoreline 1-4.


Difficult to see anything other than a defeat.



Logic dictates a rerun of the game at Kenilworth road with a similar or even worse scoreline but no-one would have predicted Gillingham beating Portsmouth and Bradford had a legitimate equaliser, that was over the line, denied them at Sunderland.
So an unrealistic prediction. … 2-1 win. Cook and Ferrier .


Even the bastard Walsall team of early season might have struggled against these the way they’re playing. I’ll go for 1-2 but anything could happen. This team do tend to follow an abysmal performance with a decent one


I think the performance and result at their place signalled Keates dismantling the Plan A that had done so well in the early part of the season.

I think we will lose this and the Charlton game then need to re-boot the season from there.


If that’s the case ,it now looks premature. Luton’ s record since, but including that match looks like W10 D2 L0. But DK couldn’t have known that at the time. Another learning experience ,hopefully. But I still wonder if Ferrier being found out by defences wasn’t more influential in the decline over this time.


Deano has openly come out in the E&S And said we have a bunch of naive kids with little experience, it is our keepers first full season, and is in uncharted waters, of the back four, up until the last two years, only one of them was even playing professional football, the midfield is still very young, the one’s that have got experience have never been consistent performers, and the lads up top have come from non league, i think that just sums it up then mate? we don’t have a league 1 team.


That must have been one almighty fluke to find ourselves comfortably in the play-off zone after 9 games then!!


His words @Welsh_Saddler. And like a few have said on here, some of if not all of our players have been found out.


Yes and the 10 games after Charlton will define our season. They are all against teams around us or below us in the table. A crucial time for DK to get it right.


Charlie Adam? Darren Bent? ■■■■■■■ hell lads, get real man!


It’s possible DK thought that at the time himself. But it wouldn’t exactly have been good for morale to say it. I suppose that begs the question, why has he said it, now?


Kevin MacDonald, Wayne Clarke, Vinny Samways, Paul Merson, Craig Burley, …get real man! :roll_eyes:


up until the last two years, only one of them was even playing professional football

That’s simply not true. Luke Leahy has played nearly 200 league matches, so has Jon Guthrie, both playing professionally since 2012, and Nicky Devlin is close to 250 league matches since 2010. Even Jack Fitzwater made his league debut in 2015. Leahy and Guthrie are both 26, Devlin is 25. Keates is talking out of his arse. These are not inexperienced kids.


Agreed they are approaching their peak! If not there already.


He is just making excuses then.


He obviously rates Scottish First division as barely National league standard.




Fairly sure that Devlin was playing football at Ayr who were a part time club…


You will only be disappointed when we sign someone from Braintree on a free…