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Luton Town (H) Dec 29th, 3pm


Looks like he has found Whitney’s “quotes to the media” handbook at the back of his desk draw.


If we start with Ismail. How about getting him a deckchair and getting him to just sit there motionless. He would be more effective


At least we would have some entertainment watching him try to put it up, it might make him cross though.


We need something to make him cross…


It would take a lot to make him Nicky Cross.



433 by the look of it.


Im glad to see Morris and Ismail dropped. They have been given far too many chances already.


433 or 41212 with Kinsella at the base of a diamond and Gordon at the tip - only other way I can see it.


Dobson still captain.


Good to see Edwards back. Hope Cook, Gordon and Ferrier are up for it. My first match since Burton at home in November … hope we’re slightly better today


I thought Edwards looked gaunt and hesitant when he come on - which is understandable. I hope it’s not too soon for him.


If it is a diamond, I would have thought Ronen would have been better at the tip and not Gordon?


Full time from the early kick-off:

Oxford Utd 0 Bristol Rovers 2 - which opens a 5 point gap between the bottom 4 and the rest.


Another 6 euros invested on ifollow (how come it costs s tenner at home?) and full glass of beer in hand so ■■■ on me babbbaaays :smile:

Sparse looking crowd (apart from the away end)


Very early goal at the Pirelli … Burton Albion 1 Plymouth Argyle 0 (which drops us to 15th!!!)

Barnsley 1 Charlton Athletic 0 (7 min)

Scunthorpe Utd 1 Wycombe Wanderers 0


Easily holding our own first 10 mins. No chances for either team so far though.


Love the hidden meaning behind that line, what you really mean is “10 minutes gone and we ain’t losing yet!”


Half glass full me :rofl: