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Luton Town (H) Dec 29th, 3pm


As someone on here said the other day this team is weird.

Overall a very good performance despite what happened in 94th minute.

Something to take into the “easy” games in January (chuckle) anyway.


Can’t argue with the performance at all. Some individual errors let down a massive team performance. ■■■■ happens.


Agree. Decision making at key times is letting us down but can’t fault the lads for effort. Made an in-form Luton look very average for long periods.


Ok we let a 2 goal lead slip against one of the best in form teams in the division, but if we play that well against lesser teams then we stand a chance of surviving. It seams that individual mistakes are costing us.


That never seems to happen though which has killed any chance of challenging at the top end.


Id have taken a draw all day prior to kick off but that did feel like a loss in the end.

On reflection though I’m more than pleased with what the team did in a performance that was the complete opposite of the shambles that was Boxing Day.

The three in midfield offer so much more, and special mention to Edwards who was quality and managed to last the game. Up front, Cook and Ferrier were back to their nasty best (both worked their socks off) which was good to see.

Most of all though it was effort and desire and we need to show that every week.

The defence is still shocking at times though and has to be a priority for improvement. Not digging any player out individually but we simply cannot clear any ball that goes near our box.


Good to see Edwards back anyway. He’ll certainly make a difference in the midfield in second half of the season.


To be honest i just want us to get to that magic number that keeps us up, because unless we put in some more performances like today against lower teams or teams around us, then we still aint safe.


Just as Boner would want it :disappointed_relieved:


Prior to that decisive free kick I think it just needed Fitzwater to put into the stands such a shame as it was a great performance against possibly the best team in league again equaliser celebrated like they had beaten Barcelona


A great effort from everyone today. I would have taken a point beforehand but was very disappointed to concede so late. Kinsella rightly chosen as man of the match but others were not far behind. If we had played like that on Boxing Day we would have won.We are a very inconsistent bunch but it was a good game and we went head to head with the best team in the Division on current form. Big plus was the return of Joe Edwards who lasted the 90 minutes and looked strong. He will be a key player over the next few months.


I think Edwards bought an intelligence to the midfield which we had been lacking.

I think the way we played today is the way to go in the next period - let’s make it tight and pressure other sides.

We can become more expansive next season (or when we are safe) when we can re-do the defence.


I know what you are saying, and it galls me to think like it? i should just be brave enough to wish that we lose every game from now until the end of the season, get relegated twice and then maybe he would ■■■■ off, but it’s hard not to want to see us succeed, i wish i could have the best of both worlds, us succeeding with him gone, but we both know it’s not going to happen :disappointed_relieved:


Unfortunately, it wasn’t the first complete mess that Fitzwater had made of a clearance in the game.
Very amateurish.
Pleased that Edwards managed the whole game and that Ferrier made a decent contribution.
MOTM - Kinsella.


Agree with Kinsella motm also with Edwards and Dobson in midfield today all looked industrious


5 wins and a few draws will do it so not something to worry about with still 20 games left.

Mind you I was saying that this time last year and it was a very close call in the end.

Few of the teams in bottom 4 have started winning aswell, Bradford won 4-0 again.


And Bristol won away again i think they have won 3 on the trot now? which when you put it into perspective, it looks like every team we were expected to beat, we have played them just as they have hit form, and we have just been the unlucky first team to experience it?


Yep, Bradford looked dead but they’ve been one of the form teams in last 5 weeks. Coughlan will surely get the Bristol gig until end of the season although I feel they’ll tail off when that happens.

Scunthorpe is worst team in the league. Another example of a team who overachieved to reach the play offs last season, lost 3-4 key players and can’t adapt.

No idea on the other three who will go down though!


I’m exactly the same. In the moment I want us to win every game, however, if we were to tumble into The National League, I’m sure I would enjoy it and It might kill the Bonser / well run club myth.


Frustrated !

Shocking goalkeeping for both. I think if we had a decent no 2 Roberts would be getting a rest.

Lads were fully committed today, special mention to Cook, Dobson, Gordon, and Kinsella who were all tremendous, and joe Edwards.

DK needs to take some responsibility for today, the changes was wrong in my opinion and only made us drop deeper.
Kane Wilson should have replaced Edwards who was out on his feet following 12 months without a game. He should have replaced a tiring Gordon with Conor Ronan to help Hod onto the ball in the middle.

That said, when will Ferrier ever learn ? Last 2 minutes, he has the ball in their area, and instead of going to the corner and holding play, he flicks it straight to them, they break at speed (they were much quicker than us today) and equalise !!

A lot of positives but so so very frustrating