M Flynn

I have been critical of some of his decisions but it is far too early to consider any change in management. A fit Riley and Gordon could make a big difference. I think the squad when fit is pretty good for this level other than we need another striking option and in view of the injuries another midfielder.

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Yes, and maybe McEntee considering how early he was signed.

I think it’s ridiculous to start considering the sacking of Flynn.
I agree his tactics and some signings look suspect, but fans also over hype them when you look at their previous clubs and appearances.
I think he will sort things out, but clearly the team are not functioning as he wants. He keeps making statements about our small squad, which is clearly a dig at the budget in my eyes, I think we do need to question the same old suspects who are still on the board.

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I honestly dont see the budget being the problem, I’d say its a vastly improved budget since Trivela entered the building. I would say the problem is a bedding in and injury issue.


There’s no way I’m advocating a change of management , it’s just that it’s apparent to anyone who has watched the games that the squad players available at present are not good enough.



It’s not been overnight in fairness. It’s been 6 months, with a manager given a blank sheet, bold proclamations of ambition, talk of accelerated budgets.

And it doesn’t even relate to league position for me. People couldn’t grasp why Newport was a magnificent performance. For me it was because it was another balls to the wall, with 10 men, performance where every player put it on the f***ing line, the same as they did for Hartlepool. Where have those performances gone? It wasn’t that at Stevenage and it certainly wasn’t at Grimsby. I can accept not being the better side, but I absolutely cannot accept lack of effort and poor basics.

There’s too many trotting around for me half hearted. Bennett sticks out like a sore thumb because he’s actually putting it in. People want to drop our hardest working midfielder which baffles me because Earing and Hutchinson have looked pedestrian at best, Comley wasn’t just poor he was lazy against Grimsby, offering no pressure whatsoever, Johnson is what he is and while he scores goals that is fine.

I’m sick to death of managers coming in and talking about right attitudes and committed players. Clarke did it (then threw them all under the nearest double decker). Taylor did it and as soon as it got tough the tough got going.

So for me, while it’s certainly not promotion or bust, it’s not a free swing by any means.


We’ve already had it. Don’t you remember our second round League Cup tie against a team that were in the Premier League just a few seasons ago? You’re not getting greedy are you? :rofl:


1st August - “in flynn we trust!!”

1st September - “he’s gorra gew”


Literally not a single person here suggesting that.

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Flynn will come good. He understands the league and he understands our club. Hang around mid table until we get our injured players back and we can make a push for play offs in the second half of the season. Anything mid table upwards and I’ll consider Flynn’s first season a success.

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Do me a favour.

We’re barely at the end of August, we’ve had a huge turnover of players and we’re in the top half. Start has been ok, performances have been hit and miss but you would expect that with so many new players to bed in. We were actually rather good against Grimsby but the result went against us as much as we were a shade lucky at Newport. I also think given your criticism of the midfield bear in mind he’s been without possibly his best signing of the summer in Riley who will be a huge upgrade on what we have when he is fit.
My only real gripe with Flynn to date is his use of Comley AND Kinsella to protect a back three when we have two wing backs so at times we have essentially defence minded players which is overkill against some of the poorer sides in this league but I think the balance will come. It was never going to be pretty under him but he’s shown he knows how to construct a squad at this level and needs some time and patience to bed the players in and more than one transfer window.

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:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: we were absolutely dig shit.


If we carry on like this we soon won’t be able to attract any decent managers, the Walsall FC post must be becoming notorious as a poisoned chalice - it certainly will be if Flynn doesn’t work out.

We take managers doing well elsewhere, they come in, struggle, they move on and continue where they left off as if we never existed. And what do Walsall fans do - continue to blame the next manager. If Flynn exits it will be of his own volition and probably to a bigger club. And, the cycle for us will start again.

For a squad to challenge in this modern game, you need a strong team with 4 or 5 players that would walk into any other team in the division. I am not sure just being organised cuts it any more. I see a mid table side and have likened it to DC’s squad, very similar imo. I certainly have never seen a side nailed on for a challenge.

As long as it doesn’t degenerate into the carnage, ridiculous PR own goals and relegation scraps its did with LP at the reigns, let’s just exercise a little patience for now.


I suspect in terms of recruiting players there is already an element of this.
It’s partly to do with money yes, but the amount of players that leave here and do better elsewhere or that leave with a bad impression of the club is likely getting out to the wider player base and not making us that attractive to join. Certainly won’t be making Flynns job of convincing players to play for us any easier.


I agree with most of what you have written there, but would perhaps suggest the following 4:


When fit, you might also look at Wilkison and Riley.

25 first team games, 9 since the transfer window - it’s not a long time to implement the level of change we need, particularly with injuries to important players. Agree the intensity of performances has dropped since Newport, worrying we’ve been unable to win any game where we’ve conceded.

Actually thought Kinsella was as poor as he’s been for a long while on Saturday (not for lack of effort) but didn’t stand out as being worse than Comley or any of the other underperformers touted to revolutionise the midfield in his place.


I think that if you’ve watched enough football at any level you can see when a team is

Playing for a manager
Playing to a system
A happy dresssing room
And believe in each other

I see all four of those at the moment.

I also see certain elements not working at 100%. But Flynn and Hatswell aren’t a pair of mugs.

If I’m Flynn reading comments like this I’m laughing non stop


I agree with this, the whole theory of winning promotion on the back of being organised is a shot theory.

Many teams have players good enough to unlock defences, score set pieces etc. I think football has evolved over the past decade.

You need genuine quality in a number of areas.


Totally agree regarding kins,worst jive seen him on Saturday, poor tackling and well of the pace so uncharacteristic for him.