Macclesfield Situation

I hope Macc get themselves sorted out. No need to think about ourselves. We are looking up rather than how many teams will or will not go down.

Jesus how much was they paying him for that survival season?

Seems very bleak for macc tho

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Macc will end up like Bury. But they are not being talked about that much. Will say, Sol Campbell is a bit of a you know what. Arrogant. Tottenham fans will back me up. Hope i am wrong and Macc get themselves sorted.

What a ■■■■ he is. Greedy bastard.


Didn’t someone say on here the other day Macc must be getting better coaching on the training pitch to be above Walsall yet everytime I read it seems their players are (understandbly) refusing to train because of the mess of the ownership.

That for me is most damming thing of DC’s time here so far. He’s assembled an 11 that is with nearly half a season gone four points worse off than a team that hardly gets paid or trains.

Hope Macc survive though.

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I thought that, they take him on offering to pay him a lot of money and he has just turned on them, he should fall on his sword and just say keep on going and pay me when you can, what is the point in putting a football team out of buisiness for your own self gain?


I guess the guy just wants whats owed to him.

Macclesfield agreed a package with him, he did the job and is now looking for what he earned, regardless of what he already has in the bank.

Should we let top brass at Macclesfield make deals they cant afford in the hope that people wont collect because ‘its a football club’? I wonder what local businesses that trade with the club would think of such policies?


Exactly. I’m amazed that people think he shouldn’t receive what he is owed. Why?


The blokes owed 180k :joy::joy: who walks away from that!

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But if the club goes bust will he get what is owed to him?

As he is owed wages he is a preferred creditor, so probably, if they have enough assets…


Multimillionaires that whinged for years about not getting the opportunities because of his race, turning on the one club that gave him the opportunity?

Still up to him, he’s got every right I suppose. Actively seeking them to be wound up seems a bit harsh though considering his role in all of this.


I would assume Campbell’s wages would of included a bonus for keeping them up, as they were bottom and a few points adrift when he took over, not sure if i’m right, and it was me SaddlerHQ who said they must be better coached than we.

Our players are actually coached?
Macclesfield I’m afraid, will get the Bury Treatment by the EFL. They aint a ‘big’ club like Bolton so the EFL will show them who’s boss eh?
I expect a points deduction minimum, which will probably save us from relegation, as everybody seems to think we should give tinkerman both time, and funds to squander in January on more dross.

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All of that is irrelevant, he should be paid what is due end of.

That’s the law of the land, and more to the point just the right thing to do.


Harsh reality is you shouldn’t go around hiring staff you have no real ability to pay.


And no , I have no wish to see Macclesfield get destroyed by this.

As for Sol Campbell, I would suggest he starts using some common sense when considering jobs in football, after his Notts County experience a few years ago.


I doubt he had clubs lining up for him. It was a bit of a surprise he managed to do well.

Pay your debts, SImples in life really.

But too pay that much too a league 2 manager is crazy, No surprises they are in a mess


There game against Crewe is gunna get called off, Macc players refusing too play again,

No wages for a month no training for a week

Our game next week, Off maybe?