Macclesfield Town (H) EFL Cup 2nd round, Tues Aug 28th 7.45pm


He didn’t win everything last night that’s for sure. Probably won a third of his headers and when he did probably found his man 2/3 times.

I like him but he needs to learn quickly. I’d take him off penalties immediately too. He’s shocking at them


Cook has started every single game so far this season and we haven’t lost one in 90 minutes .

The bloke leads the line superbly and gives defenders a terrible time … in my eyes the blokes the ■■■■■■■■ !!


I thought he played okay. Was trying too hard on occasions but he clearly has talent.


Keates said after the match that they told him at half time to calm down and stop chasing everything.That looked about right. First start for a while so likely to be overexcited.


Just a minor point of order here.
No one has missed a penalty all year, but there have been some good saves.
I think all the penalties (except perhaps one) have been struck towards the low corners.
This has enabled the rebounds to be picked up which is commendable.
However, we still need to practice!


Tranmere fan on Twitter said he never took penalties for them, seems he’s just not a penalty taker at all.


I didn’t go last night as I was involved in an important match of my own…a crown green bowling match involving promotion!! However having read the reports above and in the media I think it shows clearly that the squad although good is wafer thin. As for Cook I would think he is knackered…played every match, put 100% in every game against equally physical opponents. Lets hope he has enough left to give Blackpool a problem on Saturday. The promised CB is a long time arriving well…lets hope we can get at least one in before the deadline.


I thought we played pretty well last night, we get the ball out wide superbly. But our delivery leaves a lot to be desired, get it to the bye line and dink it to the back post or hit is early for Cook to run on to.

I would have to see the goals again, but Leahy was overrun for their goal - 3 on 1.


He seems to always try and smash them! He just need to calm down, pick a spot and go for it.


Think that’s an issue with his finishing generally, he’s so keen to generate power on every shot it’s taking him too long to line them up.


He did and missed at least two out of not many. And there was the infamous spat with Norwood as to who should take one. Cook grabbed the ball,refused point blank to give it to Norwood,then missed it. Both of them were taken off penalties by the manager.


I think it’ll come. I still think he’ll get 15-20 goals which for a blokes first EFL season is impressive. He just needs to think a little more.


My player ratings for yesterday

Dunn - 5 - did not look comfortable at all. For a big guy he looks helpless from most of the crosses and doesnt look like a decent reserve keeper
Leahy - 5 - defensively not great. His crossing was poor never really beat the first man.
Guthrie - 6 - won most aerial battles but needs to have some competition for his place now. Becoming complacent maybe?
Fitzwater - 6 - doesnt look the same player as when he joined last season. Again maybe complacent?
Wilson 6 - very good on the attack. Linked well with Morris.
Kouyar - 6 - worked hard but offered little. Probably wont cause much of a selection headache.
Kinsella - 8 - superb game. Really put on a quality game. From what ive seen so far this season he could maybe replace Osborne with a gane like that
Dobson - 7 - a all round decent game. Made more mistakes than usual
Morris - 9 - looked like a whole new player. Confident in the attack, willing to take on his man and have a shot again. Unlucky that Macclesfields keeper was decent enough to prevent him getting another goal
Cook - 6 - doesnt offer a great deal. Missed all 3 penalties hes taken now this season. Gotta swap whos taking them. He seems to prefer to have a go at everyone about what they are doing than doing more himself.
Gordon - 7 - You could tell it was his full debut and hasnt played professionally before. Ran around causing alot of trouble but was too enthusiastic at times. Could have done with slowing it down at times


Agree. Didn’t think we played to his strengths last night though, ball into the box from the wings has to be ten times better.


Disagree on Wilson. He was okay getting forward but his delivery was was atrocious over 90 minutes. Got into so many good positions and completely wasted the opportunity with shocking crosses. Defensively I always thought he looked a bit uncomfortable.


I feel that if Kinsella was 3 inches taller, he’d be way above this level…


Definitely. I’ve been critical of his stature but I take it back. Last night he was easily holding off blokes 6/7 inches taller than him. He’s a good player at this level and much better at CM than RB.


I went last night and, after due reflection, here’s my take on the proceedings:-

  1. Defence far too porous - stating the obvious I know, there has to be more to defence than just “putting your bodies on the line” - all a bit too last ditch. The 1st goal was a bit unlucky, the 2nd we parted like the red sea to let him shoot. Lets hope the fabled CB appears before Saturday.
  2. Crosses - oh dear! What do we practice all week? (cos it certainly ain’t penalties).
  3. Kinsella was excellent, as was Morris - I would have given Morris MOM I think.
  4. Kinsella excepted, last night exposed our lack of strength in depth I think, lets hope the 1st choice stay fit, in form and suspension free.
    Roll on Blackpool


Sounds like what people said about Keates…


There are no rebounds in penalty shoot-outs, are there?