Macclesfield Town (H) EFL Cup 2nd round, Tues Aug 28th 7.45pm


a positive tonight was morris getting another good goal


100% with Chunky on this one. “Not Fussed” ??
Can we afford to lightly toss away a potential good payday? I don’t think so. Not to mention a lovely, smug unbeaten record.
Also, losing any game absolutely p*sses me off so I’ll wake up in a foul mood tomorrer (as well as gooin’ to sleep in similar foul mood). :rage::disappointed :skull:


Just got in. Would have been nice to have gone through, especially with the bigger Premier League teams entering in the next round. Thought we did well to get back into the game and Kinsella was definitely a positive to come out of tonight - for me he had a great game, putting himself about very well. It’s also very good to see Morris have more confidence to carry the ball. Scored on cracker again and was unlucky with his turn and shot just before half time. Keates does need to make more signings though before Saturday.


Just got back, not really sure how we lost that, really need to stop conceding but overall a good performance, kinsella was immense definatly ahead of chambers for me too
Keeper dunn doesn’t look that good and the penalties there keeper made some good saves
Disappointed to go out and couldn’t understand why only 1 sub was made


We dominated. Should never have lost that game. Kinsella was excellent.

Cook needs a talking too from Fryatt. No finesse. The bloke isn’t as good as he thinks.

Disappointed but that’s the cup.

On to Blackpool now and I fully expect the lads to bounce back because today we were okay.

Oh, and my bet won. F’in AV IT


Andy Cook should definitely not be taking penalties. He’s got lucky with a couple of rebounds but he’s taken 3 poor penalties and missed them all. Someone else please.


Disappointed to lose as I thought we were much the better side. Been impressed with Dunn whenever he’s played apart from tonight, he didn’t look the experienced ‘old’ head that he is.

Kinsella was excellent tonight and Morris was very positive too, think he finally knows he has a battle to stay at this club and is giving it all he has.

Our crossing really frustrated me tonight too but can understand why we were drilling them across goal - just that they were quite poor.

Lets not forget the height and presence Macclesfield had, we took that out of our side to give players minutes, obviously we struggled without it but any side would have.

Would you have offered me two away league wins in exchange for a league cup exit though? Absolutely. Onwards we go to Saturday.


No need to get disheartened about that. It was a different type of game to our league games and it was interesting to see that we actually seemed quite comfortable with having a lot of possession and working the ball into the box, rather than our usual counter attacking style. This bodes well for when teams inevitably come to the Banks’s, shut up shop and defend deep. A plan B is what a lot of people craved for under Smith, and tonight showed a glimmer of how this squad can be adaptable.

Their goals were avoidable, with the first extremely fortunate, although we’re probably due a bit of bad luck given the Wimbledon goals.

With our first team out I’m confident that we’d have got the win, but Macclesfield dug in and fair play to their ‘keeper who was excellent all evening.

Kinsella was excellent and really got stuck in against a physically more imposing opposition. Morris is starting to get his confidence back as well and his strike for the first goal was excellent. Thought we missed Zeli, Ferrier and Ginnelly’s pace and directness, but it was probably wise to give them a rest given the packed schedule at the start of a season.

Onto Blackpool…


I thought we defended quite poorly tonight - we seemed to keep switching off, just like their equaliser at 3-3 when they had a 3 man overload, we just stopped and switched off.
Agree that Kinsella had a good game, and Dobson & Morris.

Kouhyar struggled again and I just can’t see what he brings to the team, he rarely beats his man, no pace, negative and his final ball (crossing) was awful, as was the whole teams bizarrely tonight.

On to Saturday and please give Deano sort out the penalty taker and remove the Cookie Monster from this duty


Some positives tonight for sure but the defending was, dare I say, a bit Whitneyesque. I guess it had to happen eventually but we didn’t see the kind of bodies-on-the-line stuff we’ve become accustomed to. I know one of their goals was very fortunate with a deflection but the other two were bread-and-butter stuff that we didn’t defend properly.

Hindsight’s a wonderful thing but even at the time it seemed a bit odd bringing on Parker and not Ferrier. We were winning but were always going to be under the cosh for the last few minutes and Ferrier would have terrified them.

Biggest positive was Morris - was his best performance since Dean Smith was manager.


That’s why I’m shocked we didn’t sign a cb could have done with putting him on for last 5 instead of Parker


Disappointed horse.


Wasn’t there but really encouraged by positive comments about Kinsella and Morris (the latter was good at Rochdale, and seems to be enjoying his football again). We just need cover at centre-back, but I’m sure that will be sorted by the end of the week - certainly not “shocked” that we haven’t signed one yet as I have faith that DK will sign a good one


Yep, told you. :persevere:

That’s three against these now.

Suppose it’s a taste of how Florist and Sheffield utd feel, but opportunity definitely missed. :money_mouth_face: :rage:


Just got in - it’s a long drive for an old fogey like me … we did rather throw it away by letting it get to penalties. Having fought back from 0-2 to be leading 3-2 was praiseworthy, but for the final 10 minutes we just sat back and let Macclesfield come at us. They had done their homework on us as well, using the physical presence of a couple of big (and tall) defenders to snuff out most of our attacks - By the time the second half was under way Cook had stopped leaping like a salmon, and was being man-handled out of the way. It did appear that Macclesfield “wanted it” more than we did - they were winning far more than half of the 50/50’s, and when it came to the crunch their penalty kicks were accurate thunderbolts. I’m sure that Andy Cook (on his day) is a positive influence for the team, but he has to face up to the fact that his penalty attempts are not up to the required standard. I’ve seen him take 3 pens, and he was fortunate to be on hand to bundle 2 of them into the goal after they were parried by the keeper. The third one (our first in the shoot-out) was tame, and the keeper was able to push it well out of danger.

The positives … Kinsella had a very good game, as has been already stated. Dobson and Fitzwater both impressed, as did our wing-backs - the problem is that an attacking wing-back does tend to leave the occasional alarming gap for the opposition to exploit.

It’s perhaps a little unfair to criticise Kouhyar on tonight’s showing - as I’ve said, he wasn’t getting a lot of knock-ons from Cook because Cook wasn’t able to make head/ball contact most of the time, and without the support of Ferrier/Ismail/Ginnelly it was hard for Maz to create anything. Kieron Morris was impressive, but (again) the opposition have worked out that he always tries to cut inside rather than beating his man and then crossing. It has to be said that the huge majority of our crosses found a blue shirt, both in open play and from corners and free kicks.

Oh well … out comes the time-honoured phrase “we can concentrate on the League” :wink:

UTS :soccer:


Saddlers pay penalty in Carabao Cup. (Sky highlights)


Fact is we rested 5 in form players from what is already a thread bare squad and lost … hardly surprising neither disappointing in reality is it?

Did we not lose to Morecambe in similar fashion in 15/16?


Yes, we did.


People been a bit harsh on Cook, wins everything which is sent aerially towards him. Good flick ons etc. which we’ve missed in recent years.

Looking at highlights I’d question the keeper and if he’s good enough.

Disappointing penalties though, but it a comfortable position and speed for the keeper if he guesses righ. What happened to pick a spot and smash it there?


How did Josh Gordon play?