Man murdered in Darlo

Police looking for witnesses after a 21 year old man was murdered by being stabbed outside Gabba’s bar (the Herberts Park Tavern) in Darlaston.
2 men have been arrested.
Whatever happened to being able to have a good dust up without anyone getting murdered?

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Long gone Saddla

One of my very good friends was murdered - stabbed in what was perceived to be a lovely town (Aldridge) a couple of years ago for no reason at all.

By a kid who hadn’t even hit 18.

Sad shame. Too many people with too much pride and too little brains.


Agree guys, like many of a certain age I’ve witnessed violence in pubs/ clubs when I was a lad about town, you always had your argumentative lads who couldn’t handle a coupe of pints, and especially where women were concerned! But it usually got sorted with a push or shove and punch. But I never witnessed people carrying knives, guns etc. Whose to blame for this street culture? Parents? Police? Politicians? Personally I think it’s too easy for society to lay blame at everyone else’s door, when most should look inside their own, a couldn’t care less, I’m alright jack, I know my rights culture has been allowed to develop. I seriously have doubts about the kind of world my grandchildren will be a part of? But at least I know they will have a good,loving, caring upbringing, rant over!


I think that’s the key mate - it stems from how the person is raised IMO

Along with police cuts of course


Can only blame the way they were brought up. I’m sure none of us have ever considered taking a knife out. But there are a certain section of society who didn’t have the right upbringing and they are generally always in trouble, or are always a part of trouble and just haven’t been caught yet!

As for police cuts, easy to blame but I doubt these idiots leave the house thinking “there are 20,000 less police on the streets, I’m going to take a kitchen knife out today.” Police cuts just mean we can’t spend as much time giving each and every crime the time and detail it deserves.


Agree Dan, Parental control or lack of it is where it all stems from! Thing is mate a fair majority of these thugs grow up in a non functional family environment that probably doesn’t have a father figure to control siblings, also there’s a culture that doesn’t fear or respect law and order, Christ when I was a youth growing up the last thing you wanted was a copper turning up at your house, the shame and embarrassment I know my parents and my mates parents would have felt, plus the rollicking you’ve had got when they had gone!! Nowadays the idiots stand on street corners hurling abuse at the police even creating " no go areas " Boils down to discipline mate,


I remember that, a murder in Aldridge hardly ever happens compared to vast majority of Brum and West Midlands.

A combination of broken families, gangs, easy access to weapons and lack of respect to authority from school age.

I live in Sutton and it’s gone massively downhill in last 10 years, now a week dosen’t go by where there isn’t a lead story in the Observer about another car jacking incident or gang incident of robbing other kids for their mobiles.


Totally agree @saddla, i only ever witnessed knives in the 70’s 80’s, once, and it was some black guy’s coming out of the station hotel disco in Brownhills, the trouble is some of the gangs we have in Britain now have come from a knife culture, where in some countries carrying a weapon is second nature, and taking a life means nothing to them. And that is not a racist comment, because I am not, it’s a fact.

I think a big part of it is how crime is reported, I was at school 15 years ago now and even then something was kicking off every day, my mate got battered by a load of asians with weapons on a tennis court.

No consequences for these lads, why would you go and work in a warehouse when you can just sell drugs? If they can even find a job at all. No consewuences from parents either… " i kno young McClaren stabbed that lad but hes a good boy really" etc etc. ■■■■ lazy parents.


Starts with the parents. They are responsible for instilling moral values in their offspring. My parents did this & I knew that if I played-up at school then there’d be repercussions when I got home. A teachers word was believed as being unbiased & true. I was only in trouble once during my school days & did I pay for i when I got home!!
I have a friend who’s a primary school teacher in Cannock. The stories she tells of kids & their parents is shocking. Kids taking weapons to school; teachers being threatened by parents when complaining about their offspring’s behaviour, etc. Lazy parents that can’t be arsed to tackle their kids behaviour & blame everyone else.
I’m glad I don’t have kids as they’d inherit a country where moral values have all but disappeared, unless something changes soon.


I think it’s getting the same everywhere.
Here in MK a guy was stabbed to death on my estate on Sunday morning in broad daylight. They arrested someone and confiscated a taxi he’d arrived in as they apparently found a gun in it too.