Manager sackings

Colin Calderwood and Paul hurst sacked from Cambridge and Scunthorpe respectively.

Yes but do they have the coaching badges DC has :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

We should all bombard the board rooms of Cambridge & Scunthorpe with tales of a brilliant manager (with coaching badges and a tinkers curse) that will become available in the coming weeks!

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Cambridge have lost 11 of their last 14, Scunthorpe have a budget 4x the size of ours but still find themselves below us. Right calls to make.

Clarke ain’t going anywhere.

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Whilst I am not defending Clarke, it makes you wonder how frustrated he must be if he expected to have money to sign this experienced winger only to find he now doesn’t. It makes me wonder if the budget he thought he had, has suddenly changed. What worries me more so is how in the future things can improve. Surely our budget will only decrease given the possibility of less people through the turn styles given the dire football on offer. What signings will we then be able to make? Pomlett ought to try and find investors now as we cannot continue like this. The way the budget appears to be we will be lucky to be able to sign pub players.

The only answer really lies with blooding the younger players and get them ready for league 2 football next season.


Would that be the kids that have been nurtured in the last 3/4 years that have shown possible success prior to DC, Or the xxxxxx that as season ticket holders have paid for in the last 7 months? I forgot most of them are short term fixes. DC should stick to the same drugs like the rest of social wasters and stop ‘mixing’ or he will end up with a headache and we will pay for his stupidity. :joy::joy::joy:

Probably the final straw for the Cambridge and Scunthorpe Boards was the fact that they had both lost to a team who surrendered to the Mighty Morecambe last night.
Hurst has made a right hash of his management career since scarpering from the Sloppies.

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Thought Paul Hurst would do a good job there but maybe shows it isn’t always easy for relegated teams. Bradford are another that have a great squad on paper for this level but struggling to get automatic promotion bid going.

Swindon, Crewe and Exeter all been in this league for a while and they look the three best teams with relatively settled squads.

Yes, I wish we would ditch the loans and concentrate on giving our young 'uns as much game time as possible.

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