Mark Gillespie

Has left and signed for Motherwell on a two year deal.


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I actually quite liked him (I know that’s not popular), but Liam is clearly number one so there’s no point having a higher paid and presumably unhappy number 2. Good move for all involved.

No loss. Didn’t really like what I saw of him.

Best decision all round. However, I hope we can get an experienced head in as number 2 to give some guidance to Liam. That might mean another raid on non-league.

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He was rubbish … see ya

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Confirmed by SkySports. When’s Jimmy coming back?

No fresh Walsall transfer news today again from the Express and Star. Second deal of the day :joy::joy::joy:

Weird that we’ve already made a few moves and that there’s regularly no news but they manage to find at least two for the other midland clubs…

Logical move all round really - good luck to him.

More waste off the wage bill. Top work.

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Wish him no ill but not good enough. no loss.

The two goals he conceded at Fleetwood perfectly showed his level.


I wish Gillespie well and if I’ve got my maths right you could argue that his last gasp save at home to Oldham kept us up!

I think he will be one of a few who are contracted but Keates wouldn’t mind facilitating a move elsewhere. If the signing of Ginnelly indicates an old school 442 I’m pretty sure Keates will want full backs who are good at the orthodox full-back type stuff so Leahy and Devlin could well be others in a similar position.

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A good move for him and not a bad one for us…agree we need another 'keeper with some experience though.

That was a worldie save. He was one of those keepers that kept out the difficult ones but seemed to struggle with anything straight at him.


Easily replaceable. Every keeper in the league is a great shot stopper these days so should get someone at least as good but cheaper.

Really pleased with this one, no point having a Senior Pros wage for bench warming. Good luck to Mark however.

Devlin and Leahy may hopefully also move back north of the border…

I think he did a good job. He was stuck behind a leaky defence for most of his games. Hope he does well at Motherwell.

Great move for us, i think it shows that Oaks will have his own idea who he wants to replace him, and who he would like to work with, i expect a new keeper to be announced within the next couple of weeks :grinning:

Good one to get off the wage bill.

Was very average last season and would imagine he’s on a decent wage considering he relocated from Carlisle.

Roberts is much better so he’d have been a pretty expensive number two for this level.

Would imagine he was one of the players Keates was on about moving on from the contracted players so a promising transfer campaign so far.

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I’m not disappointed that he’s leaving as I believe that there are better options out there. I wasn’t too impressed when we signed him last summer, I was expecting someone better. Having said that, we’ve had worse, and he has made some very complimentary comments about the club in his leaving statement. He sounds like a decent, hard-working pro and I wish him all the best in non-league, sorry, Scottish football.

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A good move for both player and club. It will be interesting to see who is drafted in as cover for Liam Roberts who fully deserves to be Walsall’s No1.