Mark Warburton


Always been a fan of Dean Keats but fear it may be time to have a reassessment of his position , its clearly not working .
Mark Warburton is a wealthy man in his own right but also has a circle of very wealthy associates .
Think recently they were interested in taking over a club .
On the face of it someone like this would be ideal , a previously successful manager at our level ,with good finances behind him , sort Bonser out and move on .


Fear that if todays result goes as expected, (we ain’t exactly digging up any trees today), Keates may be out of a job come Monday morning.
Waterman is still our best bet for a UK sponsored takeover.


I think that whatever happens today, Tuesday’s game could be the key. Lose that and he could be for the birds.


Probably…we have agreed on somat! Tell El_nombre he will find something to disagree about!! haha