Martin O'connor interview


I agree.



If you had read - you would have reasoned that I said the journos only get access once or twice a week. So they have to make do with everything they have. Blame the club.



So they sit around doing nothing for the vast majority of the week then,or do they just spend the week stretching one interview out? Which is the point I was making.



Yes MOC certainly liked to sink a jar or two in and around the town on a Saturday night in the 90’s :beer::beer::beer:



After today I reckon he’ll need a few

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Make a sub Martin!!!



I did not want Keates to be sacked, nor did I call for the sacking of Jon Whitney, but after hearing his post-match interview I think that it is important that Bonser sacks Martin O’Connor immediately.

In his previous spell on the coaching staff of the club O’Connor was loathed by the players because of his ranting and raving, demeaning and bullying individuals after a defeat. And with O’Connor on the bench they lost and lost for week after week. Morale was rock bottom and the players were dispirited and dejected all week long and worse on Saturdays. As soon as O’Connor and Hutchings were sacked and Dean Smith appointed there was a dramatic turn round in fortunes as the negative presence in the dressing room and training ground was removed.

With four games left we have to increase the chances of staying up by getting rid of O’Connor, replacing him with someone who can lift the players not just knock them down.

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When I watched his latest interview there was an awkward conflict, in that it was somehow satisfying to hear a club ambassador acknowledge that we’re crap and effectively taking the fans’ side in the post-match toxicity, yet it seemed unneccesarily damning at a time when there are still points to play for. The tone would’ve felt more suited to a confirmed relegation.

One more win and we could be out of the bottom 4. Isn’t this a time to be pushing for every possible advantage to get us over the line?



Even when players are total s, you don’t say it in public. Why? They can save your job next week, or not. When you say they are total disgrace, they probably won’t care much. Won’t do much too. I understand this season is over. If not physically, cuz there are games to play, mentally it’s over, it’s done. Of course when it will confirmed, gaffer can say players were not good enough. Ok, I understand his emotions at this moment. But earlier no. I know chance of survival is very slim, but still is. Or rather was. Many mistakes were made during this season, so finishing in the last four is justified. But don’t kill that small chance before first whistle.

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I think regardless of what happens Martin was only ever going to be here until the end of the season. He is good mates with DK and probably felt like he needed to get it off his chest. It must be very hard for a player of his ilk to witness the lack of passion and desire exhibited by the current crop of WFC players.



I would 100% agree with you, if these were ‘normal’ circumstances. Unfortunately, we are stuck in a situation whereby this squad of players have once again thrown the towel in and embarrassed themselves, the club and most importantly the fans. For two seasons we have been too lenient on this group of failures and it’s actually really satisfying to see somebody who actually cares about WFC say it as it is.

O’Connor went up immeasurably in my book yesterday with his comments, I just honestly can’t wait until the majority of this squad are out of the door. The worst thing for WFC at the moment would be another stay of execution in League One.



It’s what literally every local journalist does. Managers aren’t going to speak to the press every bloody day are they. They all split interviews, serialise them or reserve content.

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Let’s be honest, regional sports journalists delegated to cover a single club write about what the club feed to them when the club chooses to feed it. The match coverage may be subjective, but it’s not worth someone like Joe Masi getting on the wrong side of the club or demanding greater access because of the risk of being cut off completely.

Actually think Joe has been really clever in using the Chris Marsh articles as a vehicle to express some of the more critical views he might not get away with himself, along with the ‘Saddlers Social’ bit (although I know some of the more contentious views from contributors have been edited out in the past).



Yep. The podcast is actually the best source I find if you want critical journalistic analysis. I think they just assume that the club don’t bother to listen to the podcast (which is probably a fair bet).