Martin O'connor interview

MOC’s interview.

To be fair he spoke really well and In depth. Something that Keates didn’t do and was one of his many faults .It actually gave me abit more optimism about our fight with relegation UTS


Talks a lot os sense does MOC, seems to allude to training not being hard enough, trading hard play hard looks like the change up he is talking about

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They could do with a new mic and not doing an interview in what sounds like the ■■■■■■■ canteen. Christ.


or at least oil the ■■■■■■■ door hinges …:joy:


Got a ‘between the lines’ inkling that changes may happen squad wise at Accrington?
I’ll be there hoping that his influence, and tactical nous encourages them to put a shift in.

It looked like he was more concerned about who was coming in and out than what he was being asked :rofl:

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Edwards, Kinsella, Fitzwater are all obvious starters to me. Think Devlin will be dropped aswell so chance for Norman to prove himself.

More radical would be Roberts taken out but don’t think that will happen. Still expect 4-5 changes with them being logical ones.

I think we will see a few changes tomorrow.

I’m not so sure we’ll see loads of changes. I think MOC will have read them the riot act, given out a few home truths and hope, because I’m past expecting anything, the players get the job done.
If not tomorrow then we really have nothing else to lose in the last four games. Then we can gamble and afford to ■■■■ a few players off if needs be.


We need some changes this bunch of spineless ■■■■■ have contributed in getting 2 managers the sack with there garbage performances over the past 2 seasons.cannot wait to see the back of the majority of this squad in the summer they have let the fans and the club down badly.


Just shows you what a lazy B*****D Joeseph Masi is,all he has done for a whole week in his column, is quote different parts of that interview and print it.


Good watch and gave me some optimism. As others have said he speaks well and I do really hope he pulls this off. Love the bloke, he was captain when I first started watching us in the 90’s and was such a hard playing b*****d. Always remember him strolling into the Zone nightclub like a don with a small entourage, I was star struck and my Albion supporting mates didn’t know who he was, muppets.

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Joe has, I think, the hardest job in the football league.

What are you supposed to do when the CE, Chairman or anyone else for that matter won’t give any press releases, interviews, or quotes?

They only get access once a week to the manager - so I think to call him lazy is ridiculous.


He does all that on his podcast with some other bloke.

Also wrote the opinion piece after DK sacking this week outing the middle of the road league 2 budget which I’m sure embarrased Gamble a little bit “biggest budget we’ve ever had” “long term aim to return to the championship.”

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Lazy,lazy,lazy……making one interview last a week,I don’t think he did the interview either did he?I think it is Radio WM’s interview.


You sound daft.

So do you,but whats that got to do with it?

Garbage post.

I agree.