Martin Oconnor


Does anyone else think from what he has said in recent weeks that he knows certain players are not giving there all and something is badly wrong behind the scenes with this group of players?

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Yep, I’ve watched all his interviews on I follow and it’s clear that something’s wrong. I just honestly cannot wait until this group of players are out the door…



What I think is that his press interviews are a step down from keates! Every time he opens his mouth he contradicts himself and seems to think that just repeatedly saying he wants players to play with pride is all that needs to be said. I was hoping he was going to be so much better but he clearly isn’t and if bonser was to appoint him, it really would be the final nail in the coffin



Totally agree.He has done nothing but moan about what he has inherited and I have no idea why he agreed to take the job.
He has binned players who obviously care like Roberts Kinsella and Dobson when what they needed was a manager who would show belief in them and try and restore their confidence.We might as well have left Keates in post because O Connor has been worse.

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Tough position he was thrown into. However it’s not like he was outside the club when he came in, he’d been assistant for six weeks so surely he’d got enough information from the training pitch and the 5 or so matches he was already involved in before DK was dismissed to have sure opinions on the squad.

I agree just saying the players aren’t good enough yet continually selecting guys like Leahy and Osbourne isn’t helping.

It would probably have been better if someone from outside the club have come in for last 5 but too late now.



The entire club is in chaos, but MOC is not the problem. Who knows what further mayhem is going on behind the scenes.

He has stepped in and done us a favour, so any critique of his efforts are as premature as they are misdirected.



I think O’connors statement "club needs to press the reset button " is a veiled barb aimed at JB.

As in " give the next poor sod a frigging chance, and loosen the purse strings"



He plays leahy and Osbourne because they’re the best players in their roles, to be fair to him. The fact that we signed “replacements” who aren’t as good is down to the previous manager



And if he were to get the job permanent this will certainly not help in attracting anyone to the club.
Criticism is fine but has to be constructive and should be done in private as attacking the very people who keep you in a job is never a clever management move.



Better than say any player from the Long John Silver impersonater’s eleven? Any one of them could turn faster at least!



Bonser had hoped we would win a few with MOC in charge stay up,give him the permenant job and start the merry go round again.



I have a lot of time for MOC, but he’s never a manager or even a coach. His decisions have been baffling.

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Of course it’s a back 4 you play Leahy but play 3-4-3 and you can get him out of the team that way, 3 CBs and then someone like Edwards on left of midfield.



Bang on the money. From his first team selection, you just knew we weren’t going to be any better. Playing a back 3 is something that you work on over pre season. It’s not something that you can just drop into, especially since the players we’ve got haven’t been able to do even a half decent job in the standard back 4

I know he’s inherited a group lacking in quality and confidence, but he hasn’t helped himself either

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He’s been even more clueless than the previous mgr. Whilst it was no easy task with everything in such disarray but he as hardly managed to get them to put up a fight. As you say a back 5 needs to be worked on properly. It wasn’t the hardest set of games to be thrown into and what have we achieved, a no show at Accy, a lucky point v Southend and then an absolutely baffling team selection at Wycombe



Where it was an uphill task he has to try and provide us with a fighting chance.

Like you say he just confused things even more, changing formations and chipping and changing the team line up. WM is the best place for him I reckon.



At Accrington he was perfectly entitled to try and get a tune out of this woeful shower, however Accrington demonstrated in no uncertain terms that it wasn’t going to work. We had Southend and Wycombe upcoming, both games that represented opportunities for points and some kind of salvation. He dropped Roberts which was the correct call, but for me, as I said pre-southend it should have been utter wholesale changes. By that I mean starting the kids.



But when asked about the youth prospects on WM he stated there was nothing other than Alfie Bates. Think he feels his hands are completely tied as there are pretty much no alternatives than the usual suspects.



Was he just talking about the youth team?

I’m not 100% on the ability of all the first years under contract but purely based on pedigree Cockerill-Mollett was a Republic U19 international and EFL apprentice of the year and Candlin trained with England youth and has been picked up by bigger clubs than us. We should at least be looking at these 2 as potentials for the future.