Marvellous News

Marvellous Onabirekhanlen has gone on loan to Stourbridge


A good move for the lad. Did well last year at Worcester City.

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Almost no game time at Stourbridge, he’s moved down a level for a one month loan at Chasetown.

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I know his only young but has shown little to me so far In Friendlies and reserves that he will make it like I think Maher will and thought perry and Bates would
Good luck to him though and hopes he proves me wrong x

He doesn’t look overly chuffed about the move

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Not a great move for him rushall might have been better, late be honest walsall acadamy hasnt produced much, resently look at mayer sent on on loan so we could bring in to younger players than him to the first team.

If he wasn’t getting much game time at step 3 he’d be extremely unlikely to get more at step 2. Chasetown are at step 4 and he ought to get a reasonable amount of game time there. His loan at Worcester City last year was at step 5, so Chasetown is a level higher.

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For anyone confused about the steps etc, here are a selection of local teams and the step they’re playing at this season:

Step 1

National League: Kidderminster Harriers, Solihull Moors

Step 2

National League North: Rushall Olympic, Tamworth, Hereford,

Step 3

Southern League Premier Central: Stourbridge, Redditch, Halesowen, Telford, Leamington, Bromsgrove, Alvechurch, Nuneaton

Northern Premier League Premier: Stafford Rangers

Step 4

Northern Premier League West: Chasetown, Hednesford,

Northern Premier League Midlands: Sporting Khalsa, Lye Town, Boldmere, Walsall Wood, Sutton Coldfield

Step 5

Midland Football League Premier: Romulus, Lichfield City, Darlaston, Atherstone, Tividale

Hellenic League Premier : Worcester City, Worcester Raiders,


The beginning of the end for Marv by the looks of it. Shame he couldnt get more time but it seems we’d prefer to bring in the likes of Griffiths instead and develop other Club’s players.

Our Academy is just a waste of time. You may as well disband it and save the cash on the coaches’ wages and put it into the first team budget.

Hopefully Maher will get a better chance over a longer preiod with ROFC but only got 5 minutes as a sub last night - he could have stayed with us and got that.


He’s a first year pro isn’t he?

Bit early to be writing him off don’t you think?

He’s on loan in men’s football and has been a pro for 3 months….

Let the lad go away and find out what he’s made of. We may not know for three years yet….


I remember a young Scott Dann been sent back from Leamington (if memory serves me right) he managed to turn it around.
Let’s give the kids a chance some will disappoint us but hopefully some will suprise us.

If Maher doesn’t make it the last player we had through our academy who actually ended up at a level above us is Rico right?
And kinsella the last to stay pro after Kieron morris?

I agree …he did ok at step 5 last year with Worcester. This continual writing off of young players is not something I like.


I’m not knocking big Marv. But Stourbridge didn’t play him Chasetown don’t what to play him. Where on earth next for big Marv?. Are there any local non league opportunities left?

Silverdale lol

Probably darlaston level or spotting Khalsa maybe

Train spotting may be his level crossing football off the list.


Wish his name matched his ability

Good to see Marvellous on the score sheet for Chasetown. Celebrated with. Draper roll lol.


Won the penalty as well