Mathematically Safe

Walsall fc cannot be relegated this season.

The search is already on for two basket case clubs to save us next season.

Hello Colchester.


Nice post Andy but we cannot take another season like the last 3.Even I one of the biggest optimists on here know that. I don’t know whether Flynn should go or not but we cannot go on like this.

Play-offs also beyond us.


No way, we can still make it, Flynn says, so it must be true.

I suspect Colchester have had a better 2nd half of the season than us.

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Dam it Flynn has tried so hard to get us relegated Aswell
Sorry flynn but you’ve failed yet again

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Indeed they have! Here’s the form table for the last 20 games & consider that we’ve lost to both of the teams below us in this table recently…:

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What site is that from?


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So imagine that is our first 20 games of the season and we are coming up to the January transfer window to try and dig ourselves out of the mess. With our outstanding record in the January window.

It will come sooner or later, that’s how it feels anyway.

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We seem to be skating on thinner & thinner ice…


Ye but we are masters of getting away with it :wink: