Maz Kouhyar Guardian Article

Interesting article about our once academy starlet Mazhiar Kouhyar. Good to see him back in the game and doing well after falling through the cracks.

‘You can tell, as a manager, when a player has got it. Mazhiar moved differently, he is an international too and his running patterns were a class above.’


Interesting article. To be fair, didn’t Maz have a nasty injury at one point, which halted his development. Let’s not forget that he made his debut, and some promising performances both i the starting line-up and off the bench, while we were still a league one outfit. I have no doubt that, if his development had continued, he could have been a very useful player for us at the level we find ourselves now. I really hope he is back in professional league football soon and he makes good progress.


He was Hereford’s best player against Kidderminster a couple of weeks ago. Based on that performance alone it doesn’t surprise me that scouts are getting down Edgar Street or wherever to take a look at him.