Maz Kouyhar

Anybody what the latest is on Maz Kouyhar? Now there is a player that could make some difference to this team.

I wouldn’t anticipate that Kouhyar would be in a position to make more than a token appearance or two from the bench- if we were to put him back under contract- this season, based on recovery times from similarly serious injuries.

When Cockerill-Mollett went off during the week, it really hit home how unlucky we’ve been with the players coming through our academy suffering, for want of a better phrase, freak injuries, in recent years. We’ve had Flanagan, Roberts, and Kouhyar in a relatively short space of time, and it looked for all intents that CCM was going to be joining that list. That’s not even mentioning an experienced pro in Joe Edwards- safe to say, we never saw the same player again after that (although, perhaps the shower he was playing as a part of had something to do with that).

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Think Edwards is starting to play for Plymouth the way we have seen him here , pity we couldn’t of kept him , but understand he would of been a gamble by the new manager , and he would have no ties to him coming in , so understand him letting him go

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I believe we was keen on keeping Edward’s but he wanted a change of scenery, cant blame tbf

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Or didn’t want to accept our derisory and insulting contract offer.

Could be many things. Bad injury so yes players afterwards sometimes want fresh start elsewhere.

He might not have got on with DC when they had a chat.

He also played for Yeovil for a few years so possibly liked that part of the world and might want to settle down there when his career ends.

There dosen’t have to be some massive conspiracy always when a player leaves. Some just want a fresh challenge after 3 years. Would’ve liked to have kept him of course.


Started for the reserves at Chasetown this evening.


Although he seems to have good feet I thought league 1 was a step to far for him last season . If he can get himself fit and continue his development and earn a contract he could be very useful for us next year :+1:


Not sure when his contract runs but would be good to see more of Maz, Kory and Candlin before the end of the season.


Yeah especially kory who showed so much promise before his injury another who I think will come good for us next season. Its not all doom and gloom ahh :+1:

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Kouyhar isn’t on contract now, Candlin is up at the end of the season too.