McEntee out for 3 months

Mcentee will be out for about 3 months,it’s a shame but I doubt he would have got in the midfield the way they are playing.

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Big miss, that. Gives 110% every week. Just hope Sadler has seen sense and plays him in his proper position on his return.


Its a crying shame whenever one of your players get injured
Speedy recovery mate

We don’t half have some injuries at this club and lengthy ones at that.Good luck Oisin hope your recovery goes well.

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Update on all the injuries on this article

Williams out for an unspecified amount of time too. Allen is once again our back up CB :grimacing:

i would think Rollin would be cover


He was outstanding at centre half in the game he actually got injured. Big miss.

Need a centre half desperately in this window if we are going to continue with three at the back, and I don’t see why we shouldn’t.


Completely forgot about him. He hasn’t even been able to make the matchday squad other than vs Grimsby. Whether that’s due to injury or what Saddler makes of him, I’m not sure.

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He’s fully fit he told me at the Wrexham game when I asked him.



Shame that’s 2 big injuries he’s had in his time with us terribly unlucky!

Would of been excellent cover at CB or being the third in a back 3.

Huge player and character
Would have made our back 3 play off level .
Miss you

Good luck and a speedy recovery Oisin.
Whatever position he played, always gives 100%, this club needs players like that.


It’s a real blow. He’s a wholehearted quality, (at our level) player with genuine versatility. We shall miss him.

I agree with all the above but Menayese is under contract on a decent wage and deserves a chance to stake his claim. I also think that Allen can fill in where necessary.

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Another injury … Speedy recovery and I hope he’ll return stronger. Anyway, maybe someone similar to JW could be found, who will limit that injury crisis.

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What a tragic shame.for Osin, and the team. It looked quite a bad injury the way he went down at the time. We seem to get one player back and then another one jumps on the physio’s table. I still think Rollin is a good player, and can still do a good job. He just needs his confidence building back up in a Walsall shirt.

It all depends if Sadler is now going to play a lesss defensive style of football with either just Comley or Stirk as the CDM, or still look to play 2 there. If needed I suppose Earing could always revert back to that role, but based on what he has contributed in the last 2 games it would be madness to change how he and Hutch compliment eachother.

Still, wouldnt hurt to have some extra depth in the squad. I’m sure supenaions will kick in at some time potentially as well.

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Rollin was training in the background when Sadler was being interviewed at Grimsby. Sadler was praising him, so think he is definitely in Sadlers thoughts as a possible starter at some point


Sorry to bring this old age arguement to everyone’s attention again, but thought it was interesting!

Didn’t know where else to put it