Meanwhile, Over The Border

Whilst our shit show runs on at breakneck speed, one of our soon to be rivals, and undoubtedly betters, gets £25 million off their council to redevelop their ground!

Why have the council funded it when they have billionaire owners?

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‘‘Why have the council funded it when they have billionaire owners?’’

Or [EDIT:] 'Why have the people of Wrexham funded it when they have billionaire owners (and are raking in shit loads in gate receipts and TV money)?


Good publicity and a certain band wagon to be jumped on.
I would be fuming if it was my taxes paying for it!!

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I’m guessing that because of this…

… they’ve justified it as improving the local area and transport.

Their ground is right next to the main railway station isn’t it?

Wish our council had taken an interest in the club over the years.
Speculate to accumulate.
Are their owners really billionaires? I’m not into celebrity stuff but I’m amazed that actors are that wealthy.

They need a bigger capacity for when we visit.

Usually because they’ve invested their millions into other companies that then use their brand to promote them.

These are just 2 (amongst many) of Ryan Reynolds investments.

That’s almost a billion just from his investments with Aviation Gin and Mint Mobile.


I read something about Ryan Reynolds not long ago. It said he had a net worth of around $150 million but has several companies worth billions. Can’t remember exact details, I think one company was something to do with T-Mobile.

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Horrible football club Wrexham, always a spicy affair when we meet.


When we play Wrexham next year my wife will definitely come just to get a look at ryan Reynolds
Won’t lie I’d like to ‘ bump’ into him to
Love the guy

Might have something to do with the lads from the Belle View setting fire to the Welsh flag :wink:

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What a day out that was lol

Sadly largey is no longer with us. Lost his battle with the big c a few years back now mate

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