Membership renewal

Independent saddlers supporters association

Right guys and girls. It’s that time of year when membership is due again

Again it’s £5 per adult. And £2. Under sixteens

Please note you have to be a member to book travel to away games.

And your membership fees also help us do the work we do in the comunity
So by joining you are helping. Our elderly. And other worthy causes within the bourough

You can eithier do it online using the link below. Just go on the shop site and click membership option. Or in the railway club prior to any home game.

Membership is growing year on year. And we’d take this opportunity to thank al, those. Who are members and who have supported The independent saddlers supporters association throughout the last year

It’s down to you the fans that. Have made. Issa. The sucsess it is. And your support is greatly appreciated by al, involved. And also by those. Less fortunate than our selves within our community who also benefit from our activities


I will be in on Saturday mate i will do it then :wink:

Sound pal
See you sat

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