Message Of Support For Darrell Clarke

Independent Saddlers Supporters Association

Everyone involved with the Independent Saddlers Supporters Association are saddened to hear that our former manager Darrell Clarke has experienced a close family bereavement.

Football rivalries should be put to one side during difficult times and replaced with compassion.

We have received a lot of messages of support for Darrell from Walsall supporters and have been asked to pass them on. Our thoughts are with Darrell during this difficult time.


Has this been passed on to Vale? Might be worth mentioning that the vile trolls on Twitter/FB do not represent us in any way too?


UTS Facebook has already denounced them. Not fans, thugs.


Does anyone actually know who’s passed?

None of our business.

Well done ISSA. One of those occasions when it does us all well to remember that football isn’t all that important, in the grand scheme of things.


It might not be, but it’s unusual unless it’s very serious.

Yes, I agree with this :+1:

Is this message being sent directly to Vale or just being posted on here?

PS: Good work @Blazing_Saddler, thank you

Yes it is. Very best wishes to him and his family. I found him “difficult” as our manager, but he’s a human being who is suffering, so I really do wish him well.

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It has been posted on here and on some Walsall social media pages, including the ISSA Facebook page.

I have emailed Port Vale this morning.

Regarding the trolls. I don’t think it was right to include anything about them in a sincere message of support for Darrell. Far better to show that the majority of Walsall fans are good people who wish him well.


Agreed, sorry to hear of his loss

As I posted before, sincere condolences to Darrell and his family.

Indeed! I echo the sentiments posted in this thread & I offer my sincere condolences to Darrell & his famiiy.

It’s a shame some people can’t separate football from reality.

Condolences to Darrell and his family.

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Despite what we thought of him as a manager (good or bad), we should put those feelings aside and wish him well through this difficult time.

The article from November about Darrell Clarke written by Henry Winter in The Times has probably been referred to before on this board, but I hadn’t seen it until tonight. It is well worth a read.

It is behind a paywall, so here are some quotes from it:


Seems like Darrell Clarke won’t be returning to management this season. Whatever has happened it’s clearly devestating for him and I wish him all the best.


Must be someone very close to him! Having lost a dad and a wife I can very much emphasise - make the scum who were trolling even more detestable!!


All, leave the rumours off UTS, and respect DC’s privacy.

Thanks, the mods