Michael Dobson on retirement, criticism when leaving and your Q's answered

In part two of our interview with Michael Dobson we talk to him about his exit from the club (and comments made about Walsall when he left), his retirement and life after football.

Dobbo also answers your questions, and names his Walsall XI, plus a lot more!

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One of our unsung heroes as far as I’m concerned.

Brilliant captain who lead by example, not brilliantly talented, but made up for that with blood and guts performances.

Never backed out of anything, just such a shame his career was ended by so many injuries.

We as supporters have said for years about certain ‘attempts’ at promotions and the lack of going for it as it would cost the club too much money, thanks Jeff, we have explayers now confirming what we already knew, how much did you actually rob us, not just monetary, but ambition wise too?


Good listen - comes across as a great guy. Real shame his football career came to an end the way it did.

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Brilliant interview, well done guys.

I remember a game he split his forehead open, bandaged up carried on. Sure left a huge scar

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Cheers all, glad you are enjoying the episode!

A great listen, cheers lads :+1:

I’ve got a lot of time for Dobbo. Was never the most skillful, the quickest or best technically, but always gave his all and was a proper Captain.

Interesting to hear a former player of that time practically confirm what us fans knew all along.

All the best Dobbo :+1:


Cheers mate, appreciate the kind words.

I think the fact he doesn’t work in football any more means he is not worried about what he says, which is great for us to get honest answers.


Another good listen. Well done gents, keep them coming. What great memories the Notts County game when we were promoted and the title winning game at Swindon were!

Fantastic memories :heart:


Great couple of interviews!! Top bloke Dobbo