Mickey Mouse B Team Cup Draw


Early opportunity to catch up with Jackson Smith?!!

Good they are local teams…might get me there if I have nothing else to do.


Wolves and Villa U-21 sides are in the Northern section. Funny old game.

Playing Birmingham is long overdue. Last meeting was 2002 wasn’t it.

Trivela and Tom Brady swopping notes in the directors box.

The US takeover derby. Rich versus skint.

What trophy is this? Leyland DAF?

Auto Wndscreens Shield

A really good draw, two decent local sides and some regional pride at stake. Of the U21 sides would like Brighton again to exact revenge on them after last season and hopefully demonstrate how far we’ve come since that game.

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Backwards lol!

Associate Members Cup.

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It’s a crap cup anyway - until (and if) we reach the final.

Having to play U21’s is like a kick in the teeth.

It should be scrapped - or the U21’s turfed out!


Hoping there is going to be a half and half scarf to buy in the club shop when we play blues

U21s turfed out. Nothing wrong with it before until the FA decided they wanted to give the Premier League teams even more than they have now


Most pointless competition in the world
Nonone cares until
The final


It isn’t an F.A. competition, so in this case they are not guilty.