Millennium Play Offs celebration

Need to get a statue of this bloke seriously even if it is fan funded.


We would end up renting the spot it was put on :joy:


That was a top shout from the earlier photo! :+1:

Class night.

It’s nice to be reminded that we are an actual football club with passion, and a rich history.


Totally agree Thanny. Players and management relishing the event and clearly a huge bond between them plus with us. Super night but hopefully we won’t have to put up with Wacka singing again!


Sir Ray looks in brilliant shape looking at those pics. How old is he now? Surely well into his 70’s??

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What an evening. Packed full of fans, players enjoying it, so much fun. Think Sir Ray was choked at times - meant the World to me to get a pic with him.

Chuffer during Sweet Caroline will live with me forever :joy: and I want to know what Pedro got up to in Scotland.

Never enjoyed or was more proud of being a Walsall fan than during that Graydon time.


I was sat on the table with Pedro and Jorge (next to me.) a privilege, and two of the nicest chaps you’ll ever likely to meet. Brilliant.

I hope the club (and Ace, well done Wayne Thomas) do more things like these.

As I said last night, it’s nice right now to know there is passion, love and history in our club. Especially after the last few years.

Cor wait for today. Come on me babbies!


Let’s hope the current crop can put a display on please let it not be a damp squib today of all days!

I know everyone is dead busy the day before match day but Matt Taylor, his staff, senior players etc would have benefited from attending.

Really seeing what we’re about .


Beat me to saying this! I was thinking the same thing as I was driving back last night.


Great to see the pictures, some of the players are still easily recognisable, one or two have changed a fair bit.
Good memories of some great times, two promotions (one of which was surely our greatest ever season) and a relegation, but even the relegation was a “good” one, punching above our weight, giving it our all, and the team trying to compete even though Boner had asked Ray to do the job with both hands tied behind his back.

Just a word for one of our absent friends, Matt Gadsby. Came on as sub at Cardiff. Never a regular, but in 98-99, to wander slightly off topic, played a big part in crucial victories at Oldham and Lincoln. RIP Matt.


He got a mention and a deserved applause. I think they said his family were there last night and that some of the money raised is going to a related charity.



Absolutely echo those sentiments well said Jumbo.


Managed to take one of Sir Ray with the trophy.


I was a little shocked a few didn’t attend.

They were at home, tucked up in bed, like good professionals. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good boys :blush:

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