More incoming…



Refreshing to hear this.

I wonder who :thinking: wonder if it’s possible number 10? Hoping with Flynn kind of saying watch this space it’s someone exciting and not a squad filler

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Has anyone got the source for the full interview? It seemed to be starting midway through the footage.

Thought we weren’t signing anyone else 5 signings ago?


He’ll claim he was only joking and we all fell for it.


Signing to be announced 5pm

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Number 10 incoming

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Loving the gifs in response on Twitter :sweat_smile:

That’s from ‘Are you being served’ Who is it then?

That’s my favourite response :joy:


Not sure we need a number 10… I’m quite happy with Hutchinson with Maher as backup. Think signing another 10 may limit Maher’s progress.

I think we have to remember that Maher is only 17 and we can not ply to much pressure on him in the EFL. I would like to see him get some solid game time elsewhere on loan now and also toughen him up. Don’t get me wrong he looks a great prospect but I think this will only benefit him.

If he’s good enough he’s old enough.

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I’ve only seeen him a few times Pre season

But I see as much promise in him as others we’ve had. Could make us a few quid this lad.

Then again, seen an equal number of talents like Ishy, Geddes and batch we had under money / Mullen amount to nothing

I ain’t disagreeing but he has had one sub appearance so far. If there are players in front of him send him on loan as all in saying.

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