Most impressive result

Had a thought whilst at work today … What’s the most impressive win Walsall have had in my lifetime as a fan? I don’t mean play off final or anything like that just a game where you’ve thought WOW … great result !!!

6.0 v Reading, 85/86.


8-0 at home to Southport back in the Division 4 time under Bill Moore, the only Walsall manager to be considered as good as Ray Graydon (IMHO).

That was (I think) the season we finished as champions of Division 4, and the following season we were runners-up in Division 3 to earn promotion again. Happy days!!

Just for the record, our home form in that Division 3 season was:-

Played 23
Won 19
Drew 4
Lost 0

Goals for 62
Goals against 20

Mind you, I think we got knocked out in the 1st round of the FA Cup at home 0-1 by Yeovil Town who were a non-league club at the time …


Sunderland 0-3 walsall never went to this one but that is some result… Did rimmer get a hat trick?


1-0 away at Brighton with 9 men in 2008.


Walsall 3- 2 Manchester utd 1975 i was there and the atmosphere was amazing then we beat Newcastle 1-0 and i remember the fans sitting on the roof :joy: then in 1978 Walsall 1-0 Leicester City i was stood behind the goal when Alun Evans smashed it into the net what a result that was.


Agree with those Chunkster - that era was magical for me as a teenager.

The 4-2 win at Rotherham to reach the semi-final in 84. A ground we always used to get turned over at. Mark Rees’ finest hour in a Walsall shirt :wink:
Then of course the semi final first leg at Anfield.
More “recent” would include the play off final “replay” v Bristol City and the Reading final.
A less obvious one, was the 1-0 win at home to Southampton in the great escape season. On another night they probably would have won 6-1. Brilliant backs to the wall stuff and a touch of good fortune.


Brighton 1 nil win with 9 men has to be up there, although I was working in Portugal at the time so had to rely on seeing the scores come through on TV in some bar.

I remember when I was a kid and buzzing when we smashed Hull 3 nil at home😂 Sure they were going up that season out of League One too.

In more recent times… 4-1 win over Sheffield United was pretty impressive.


I was there as well, went on a coach after having a wisdom tooth out, so i was in some pain, i drank a bottle of qointreau and someone gave me a warm bottle of wine to try :see_no_evil: yep it was ■■■■ :joy:

Was there as well, ended up with a black eye and no windows in the coach :joy:

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Sheffield Wednesday at Home on Boxing Day
Port Vale Away in 2016
Wolves Away
Gillingham at Home in 2015


Yep was there, remember having to park the car and catch one of those poxy buses, had a great weekend but got caught by one of only 2 traffic light cameras in the country cus i went over on red trying to keep up with my mate :see_no_evil:


The cup run to the semi final was amazing but the play off final at the millennium takes some beating for the atmosphere when we won.


Our coach also had its windows put in.

4-3 comeback against Huddersfield at home that included a sublime fryatt volley

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4-1 at home against the baggies or millennium stadium. I still watch the replays occasionally now!


that when we thought that Merson was the second coming then he managed us and ■■■■■■ it right up :see_no_evil:

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Bristol Rovers 3 - 4 Walsall

2 nil down after 5 mins.


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1-0 at Dinglehampton in 2013 must be up there in recent times.

Also a win at Elland Road when they were slumming it in league one, can’t remember if that was under Mullen or Hutchings as those seasons merged into one for mediocrity (before the first half of 2010 season which was on another level of ineptitude).


That’s the one! Forget about the aftermath and think about the day! Ahaha