Most loved and hated manager

While this is the trend go!! One of each!

Loved - Graydon honourable mention for mr money
hated - Merson

Sir Ray and Dicky Dosh loved (except i do think dicky was a bit over sensitive to criticism)
Hated Dave Mackay for buggering off when it looked like he could have done well

Nicholl and sir Ray needed to have a love child so I could vote for him. Fabulous people both.

Merscum, Merscum, Merscum. Not hard really

I loved Alan Buckley. I enjoyed watching Walsall more then than at anytime. It could be I was younger and more enthusiastic then.


Loved - Graydon, no doubt. 2 promotions on a shoestring. Including that magical day at Cardiff and beating Man City to automatic promotion.

Hated - wasn’t keen on Merson but now with hindsight and the fact he tried to walk but Bonser talked him out of it I’ll go for that arrogant prick Clarke.


Loved Buckley and Graydon
Hated possibly a bit strong but Sean Odriscoll for what he did to that team in terms of confidence and the toxicity around the club


Hates a strong word but O’Driscoll was just weird and was glad we got shot of him.


Sir Ray obviously but a big fan of Dickie Dosh after meeting him and shaking his hand in the Bonser suite when he attended his first game after being announced as manager .

We’ve had a few managers that have got the blood boiling , but that shit Clarke still eats me away , I can just hear those toenail curling interviews he used to do , complete arsehole .


Uncle Ray is my favourite.

At the other end of the scale Barnwell and Lee drove me up the wall but Clarke takes first prize, unbearable.

Oh god I forgot about Barnwell awful

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  1. Buckley…best football I have ever seen.
  2. Graydon…worked a minor miracle at the time.
    3.Smith…almost did a Graydon.


  1. Barnwell…lousy manager.
  2. O’Driscoll…never looked or acted like he wanted to be here.
  3. Clarke…enough already said.

O Driscoll the biggest knob head to ever be associated with Walsall fc. And that’s some achievement.


Cus he was a feckin dingle

A sour faced idiotic smug old cumpt.

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Sir Ray, always the greatest.

Clarke, charlatan.


Interesting to see I’m the only one to semi put on Chris Nicholl. I probably go for Sir Ray just about over him, but Chris moved us up a division from a fairly mediocre state and was the only manager that the leech didn’t sack. Thought we played really good football under him as well, not stylish but 44 effing 2 as per Mike Bassett. He also gave the best press conferences of any I remember.

Merscum is undisputed the pits for me though. Youth teamers on the bench so daddy would pay for a Group pissup. Respected pros being ostracised for not going on the piss? Clarke is an angel in comparison.

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Sir Ray, Chris Nicholl, Coakley and Dickie D will always hold a special place when I look back.

But one manager that I detested with a vengeance was Chris Hutchings!!! Absolutely obnoxious bloke. Followed not far behind by Jimmy Mullen and that idiot O’Driscoll


Best: Sir Ray

Worst: Merson

Quite easy and obvious.


surprised no one has mentioned Frank Sibley as one of the worst yet!


I was just going to…hate is not a word I use but he was the worst with Barnwell a close second. Best Bill Moore with Graydon a close second.