Most Popular bets on League 2 title

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How the world has turned!

(Although I have been lumping on)


Not a betting man, only bad habit I have never had! But just done £10 each way on us going up at 40-1. Last bet I had the Hooded Claw had to show me how to fill out the betting slip, 2008 bet on England beating Estonia 3 nil. Won. Hoping my winning streak continues.


I don’t often bet, but I did back us in the summer of 2000 to win the title that season (ten quid of my hard earned cash), which I think we had the players to do, but it didn’t work out, although in January I had started counting my winnings.
Anyway, that’s why I was the bloke at Cardiff holding the banner which said “you’ve let us down again” :grin:

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Last season was the first season for as long as I can remember that I didn’t have my annual ‘last of the big spenders’ £5 each-way bet on us. The winnings from Swindon funded me for quite a long time. The £260 I shall pick up next May will keep me going in similar bets until I’m 95!

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How much did he have on them.

40/1 for us to go up? Only 10/3 on promotion and 20/1 to win the league have you got your bet wrong?

If the odds are 40/1 it’s worth putting a tenner on us, it will pay for next year’s (after this one) season ticket!

With Bet365 we’re currently 33-1 to win the league and 6-1 to get promoted. Salford are favourites to win it at 13-2 and 6-4 for promotion.
To put a bit of perspective on it there are 14 clubs with shorter odds than us.
Considering we finished 19th last season I think the 6-1 is a bit mean - but that’s obviously just one bookie.

He bet on Estonia to win 5 nil :sweat_smile:

Probably :see_no_evil::grin::grin: Like I say I am a regular better, once very 15 years

If someone could explain to me what I have aactually bet on it would be muchly appreciated :grin:


League 2 - 2021-2022



Est. Returns:£520.00

Tue, 15 Jun 2021, 13:01:32

Bet Ref.1/1

Win Stake£10.00

Place Stake£10.00

Leg 1

EventLeague 2 - 2021-2022




You have £10 on Walsall winning the league at 40-1 for a £410 return … and £10 on them finishing in the first 3 or 4 dependent on your bookie … which would give you £110 for that part of the bet …


Thanks much appreciated for setting it out in simple terms. Not quite what I thought I had bet on but hey ho :grin:

I am sure I will get the hang of it by the time I place my next bet on us to win the Champions League sometime around 2035

I have never in my life walked into a betting shop, filled out a betting slip and placed a bet.
I don’t have a problem with gambling per se, just the harm addiction causes.
I wish all of you well who’ put a few quid on us being promoted.

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Got loads of mates who bet regularly, a few quid here and there. Know a couple who are far too heavily into it. I have had various other addictions over the years and still battling some of them. You are right about the harm addiction causes, I know how much addiction has cost me in my life, not in financial terms but in other ways. I think my gambling addiction is just about under control if I keep it to one bet every 15 years. For many people betting is just a way to add a bit of interest to a Saturday afternoon seeing if their accumulator comes in. For others it is a road to ruin and the power and influence of the big betting companies in sport is pretty scary.


That’s my boy,:joy:

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But we have to lump on 4-2 first home game, it’s gunna happen.

Hear hear. Time they were reined in.

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I’m ready to put £100 on us getting to the play - offs.and if the progress in the signings carrys on just like it has…
Ill be more then comfy putting £200 for us winning the league…
Port vale and Dazzle Clarke we coming to get ya!!