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New Badge


Just thinking, perhaps we should try to change the swift badge? After all the “swift” represents a " soaring, agile, graceful, fast image? That doesn’t really reflect the non ambition, lethargic club it represents? I thought therefore it needs to be changed to something that captivates the very essence of our club and much loved owner? How about a new badge that proudly portrays a VULTURE It would be so in keeping with the owners mantra of devouring the rotting flesh from a dying body! Perhaps Bonsers head could be superimposed :joy:


Or even a Vulture :wink:


Or maybe replace it with a Dodo


Apologies don’t know how I managed that ( ain’t had my shredded wheat yet)


Back in the Ramsden days, I sent a friend a Xmas card with a re-designed club badge on the front. A turkey of course.


It would be great if it was raised at the next fans focus meeting :joy:


Sorted the spelling thanks mate.


I recall that after the 1995 promotion season the badge was redesigned with the swift turned upwards, to signify the future ambition of the club. A simple redesign to have the swift nosediving should suffice now.


Maybe a leaking urinal could be the new corporate logo for Walsall FC, based in Birmingham…


I believe a sloth would represent the direction the club is heading perfectly!


A Norwegian Blue swift…