New Club Website & App

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where’s the app?

There’s a link at the top of the page.

Has anyone managed to log in yet? Neither the app nor the new website will accept my existing login telling me my password is too short (min 10 characters). Have pressed the button for a reset but not received an e-mail to my specified address so guessing that means it’s not been carried forward.

Oh well, maybe I need to re-register? I would if I could but it keeps telling me I need to submit a valid telephone number even though there is no field to give one. :thinking:

Not tried yet but will the ticketing be the same? (was a separate logon before)

Clicking on the ticketing link just takes you to the Ticketmaster site we already had so that should still be the same.

I tried my current password for the app but it’s not working so guess you need to register separately for it.

I tried registering but it keeps asking for my phone number, but there isn’t a phone number field!

This might be why.

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As I say, I would if it’d let me - telling me off for not filling in a field that doesn’t exist. :roll_eyes:

Nope - same on the website (mobile and desktop versions).

Yeah, I just tried through a browser and it’s asking for a phone number, but nowhere to fill it in.

I’ve filled in a contact us form on the website about this issue!


Could do with a bit more padding on the left and right side - text is too close to the edge for my liking (on mobile).


Spot on :+1:

IFollow has disappeared off the new site. I know Sky are now doing the highlights but has the match audio now also stopped does anyone know.

There’s a section in the new website and app called Saddlers+. That’ll probably have what was on iFollow in it.

Thank much appreciated I’ll take a look.

I’m having the same problem

I’ll ask the question again - has anyone managed to log in yet?

No, not yet, can’t get past phone number input, there is no option to enter one…

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Nice to see the new website has been user tested :joy::joy::joy: