New footage on Youtube

Always happy when I discover some new footage of Walsall from my formative years as a fan.

Here’s Don Penn scoring a belter away at Fulham.

And we still have the same defensive issues today!! :rofl:

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At least back then we had players who knew the opposition’s goal was at the other end of the pitch to ours!

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That kit is absolutely quality!

Kenny Mower with an afro - takes me back. Used to swear he had a head the shape of a 50p piece as totally random which direction the ball would go when he headed it.

I don’t know. I think there’s a clever foul for their goal. I think Tony Gale blocks our defender’s run with their goal scorer. I think our defender is Steve Baines as I’m sure he was Hart’s defensive partner in this season and can’t be seen anywhere else in this footage.

Kenny Beech, Kenny Mower, Richard O’Kelly and Brian Caswell plus a.n other who I can’t place just now in our defensive wall. Please someone help me with the player I can’t name. It’ll play on my aging brain.

Isn’t it Tony Macken?

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No, I’d definitely recognise Macken. I think he was the second defender at the back post on the edge of the area.

1981/82. Roger Brown equalising, sadly died a couple of years ago.

Loveridge ?

This was the squad that year …

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I think you may be right with John Loveridge.

Always loved that shirt its the best one we have every had come to think of it the whole kit was great !

Green socks as well if I remember right ?

This was 81-82 kit


Season before was green socks (the “Hungary” kit) and we had 2 versions of it over 4 seasons:




As my user name 79 was the first year I went up thats why I remember the green socks Lol .

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Yes, I think Loveridge might be right.

I think it is telling in terms of how much less transient the game was back then.

Most of those players that I recognise from the footage - O’Kelly, Mower, Hart, Caswell, Green, Macken - were absolute stalwarts. Waddington and Baines were knocking around for 3-5 seasons and Penn’s career only shortened through injury.

Having a core of players who barely changed from one season until the next certainly helped build an identity for the team and a rapport with fans.


Love the kit!

We need that exact kit next season, not some shoddy imitation.
Proper satin sheen and Hungarian socks are a must.


It would be a real innovative move to launch a retro kit. I am sure the sales would be good

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