New kit 20/21

See these two concept kits online.



Love those

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Like them, any chance of Luke designing ours this year ?

Luke maybe in the future. Not next season though. Someone at the club is pretty sure we still have a contract with Errea for next season

Good designs, reminiscent of the Millenium play off shirt!
Like many I would still like to see red shirt, white shorts, green socks combo come back

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Those are great!

swift logo = yes

Red & Back = yes

light grey & dark grey = no …swap the light grey for black = yes

Home kit would be great, next year is the 20th anniversary of the Millennium Stadium season where we had black sleeves and collar.


I hope someone in charge of the kits has noticed this, big fan of re hashing retro strips.

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I don’t buy replica Walsall shirts but I would buy that home top. I await the disappointing generic red shirt

Excellent designs. Let’s hope concept can become reality!

Maybe change the grey to white and blue halves or another combo but I like the style. Certainly more wearable away from a matchday.

Very nice. More like polo shirts than a football shirt.

That red top is ■■■■■■■ beautiful.

Yes - and yes!
Stand by for some hideous red, red and red tat with a Slopdingle yellow and blue atrocity.

I can’t stand anything black in our strip, we’re Walsall, not Wolves! Our colours are red and white and/or a combination thereof.
I would have liked the shirt outlined, but with a white collar and sleeves.


Those are gorgeous oh my…

Seen a few concept kits pop up for clubs and very rarely do they ever look anything like the actual kits.

Nice designs though.

I think many would including myself but don’t think it will ever happen.


Like em both to be fair - very good designs

My favourite, wish we could have that again.

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