New kit 21/21

Bit of a moan as I’ve not got mine yet. :unamused:

Ordered it as soon as they went on pre-sale and got back a confirmation e-mail. Saw the updates from the club saying the kit would be arriving soon and got my 3rd shirt a couple of weeks back (by post) so was hoping the home top would be ready to collect from the shop before the pre-seasons (or at least the first home one) - and even more hopeful to have it for tomorrow since several people have now received theirs in the post and it should be less work to just staple a receipt to it rather than have to bag it up and address it (or even just leave it in a pile of “reserved” stock and sort it out on demand). But my dad popped in earlier today and it’s still not ready yet, and with the enforced closure of the shop tomorrow as noted elsewhere, it’s going to be sometime next week at the earliest so I might not even have it for Villa or Kiddy. :cry:

Looks like the 3rd shirt will be getting an airing then.

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Spotted a wheelie bin wearing the new home shirt.


Reminds me of the spin off from Mike Bassett, England manager, where he’s the manager of a football team based around Liverpool.
They were sponsored by Wirral Rubbish, which sounded like ‘We’re All Rubbish’.
I think the mascot was a wheelie bin too.


I didn’t know that Ashley Giles was a Walsall fan.

He isn’t as far as I know. He was born in Walsall but his family moved away when he was very young.

Ladies, have any of you on here bought the new home kit? Is so can you give me any idea on sizes? For your usual women’s size did you buy a medium, large etc?

Not a biggie, but can anyone confirm if the players tops last night had all the names on it?

The pics on the clubs official Twitter page don’t look like it, but it could just be the way the photo’s taken.