New Prediction League Format

As we approach Week 10 I’d just like to share a little update on the new UTS Prediction League format.

This season, to boost interest, encourage new participants and to make it a bit more interesting for those not at the top of the table, we’ve changed the format a bit and added some prize incentives, as follows:

Overall Winners

  • The overall winner after 46 Match Weeks wins a £25 Amazon Voucher.
  • The overall runner-up after 46 Match Weeks wins a £15 Amazon Voucher

Mini Leagues

To keep things interesting, we will run four 10-game mini-leagues alongside the main Prediction League up until Match Week 40. The highest point-scorer in each 10-game block wins a prize regardless of their standing in the overall league:

  • Top predictor for Match Weeks 1-10 wins a £10 Amazon Voucher
  • Top predictor for Match Weeks 11-20 wins a £10 Amazon Voucher
  • Top predictor for Match Weeks 21-30 wins a £10 Amazon Voucher
  • Top predictor for Match Weeks 31-40 wins a £10 Amazon Voucher

Best of luck! :trophy:

Thank you on behalf of the mysterious UTS Prediction League committee (myself, @JollyJohnny and @matt_saddlesore). Rumours of an SLP style ‘split’ in February are yet to be confirmed…


I’m disappointed that large amounts of UTS spare cash is being diverted to the Saigon travel fund. I will do my best to subvert this process.

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He won’t win. But he will try to cheat even more now there is cash involved.


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Brothels throughout the Far East will be watching with interest.


You’ve brought my dilemma to a crux. I’d decided that to accept that my current approach would only bring mid-table mediocrity. I either settled for that, or went on a death or glory charge. This development makes the latter more attractive.

It has parallels with the Bonser/Lee dispute of 03/04.:slight_smile:


Will it end with you being sacked by the message board?

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Only if I have an offer to start predicting on a Plymouth Argyll website.

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