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And Byfield, Waddock


Currently the In’s are having a candle lit dinner for two :grin:

Not voting. The last thing I want to see on UTS is some tedious weekly in/out thread on the manager. Divisive, and counterproductive. Adds no value to real discussion about where we are as a club, and scapegoats one individual.


While I understand the frustrations with Sadler it’s got ridiculous now. We didn’t actually lose last night (or the game before) and we’re on the receiving end of yet another questionable refereeing decision. We created chances but our shooting was poor. (As an aside I don’t understand why professional footballers striking of the ball is so poor in general. The best was Ledesma. Why can’t more footballers strike the ball properly)

However It’s not all doom and gloom.

I said I’d give him 2 seasons and stand by that. If you listen to his interviews they are generally fair assessments of the game.

It will come.


Fair assessments :see_no_evil:

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We lost at Barrow without a whimper, right?


Afreton more than matched us last night ?

Totally agree!
Even the great Sir Alex got stick when Man U lost a game or two, not often mind, but he certainly got some grief from the fans if things weren’t going perfectly (winning everything).

Sorry was thinking about FGR

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Thats not even a comparison :joy:all managers go through sticky spells and rough patches but the difference is you can just see its a matter of time before they come good again , good managers have enough credit in the bank too allow for a sticky spell , MS has nothing and then lets his ego take over

I am not voting either. I wasn’t pleased by the performance last night although the result did not surprise me. I would see what happens over Christmas and then decide if I were Trivela.


On a poor pitch when it’s not clear what the ref is going to do.

I’m not saying it’s great. But we didn’t actually lose. On all these threads it’s as if the opposition is some sort of passive entity not also trying their best to please their fans.

The level of vitriol is ludicrous.

TBF I think some of it can be traced to the DJ situation which seems to be entirely of Sadlers own making. But it’s still not enough for him to go in my opinion.


Not all pitches can be like a bowling green , was sheppeys pitch a grass pitch ? Even on a rubbish pitch you would expect professional full time players to be able to string two passes together

The vitriol towards MS is warranted did you not liaten to his post match analysis last night

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Leave Sadler in charge for his full 2 years contract and we wont need to draw Alfreton in the cup to be playing them, we will have them twice a year in the league


Was a 3g pitch

I think it is more traced to the fact hardly any Walsall fans wanted him in the first place. Not the right time for an experiment. It may not be fair but that’s the way it is. It is something that Trivela should have factored in when the chose Sadler as the best man to take us forward over every other applicant.

I do agree that booing last night was a bit OTT, it was a tricky game, but it isn’t just taken in isolation. He really isn’t helping himself with some of the things he says either. Those are his decisions. Anyway, I just feel he has an impossible job to turn this around. Again, this may not be fair but it is what it is.


Is this poll on the basis that, if you don’t get the result you want after the first vote, have another one?


Yes exactly my point is footballers should be able to play on any pitch

I agree to an extent. But the surface undeniably affects the performance.

Last nights performance was poor even allowing for the pitch to be fair. But its definitely a factor.

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