New Strikers

Why do we need TWO new strikers? I know you shouldn’t put all eggs in one basket, but why not push the boat out for ONE excellent goalscorer? It’s not like Gordon & Adebayo are donkeys…

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And said new striker gets injured the day after the window closes … we go from September to January with Gordon,Adebayo & Candlin … I’ll let Darrell bring in two thanks!!!


Totally agree. Said this before. One marquee signing.

I think he’s gone down the good back up as well as competition route


Yes with two strikers and still one as back up which is fine.

Instead we ll have one or both of the new signings sat on the bench for most the season!

So you’d be happy to go 4 months with Candlin as the only striking option from the bench …

Mcdonald or Hardy as a 10?

I’d rather we played the formation Darrell wanted to rather than switch because we’ve run out of strikers

McDonald seemed to be playing that role at Tranmere (although that was partly because the wings were under water!)

No, Gordon should be on the bench as he’s not good enough. He has zero composure in front of goal. He needs to be played as part of a three - wide right. He has a great work ethic and will track back but he’s not a natural goalscorer.

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What’s lost in all this is any side serious about promotion needs a match winner or two off the bench.

Apologies for making the same point again but if it’s 0-0 or 1-0 down at hour mark would anyone be that confident if the players put on to salvage or win the game would be Rory Holden, Candlin or Wes McDonald? Guess we’ll see on Saturday.

Sensible management would be signing a forward until January and loan out Mitch to non league to get his career going again. If he finds his scoring touch he’s then ready to contribute to the promotion challenge in second half of the season.

Seems a few are still living in Bonser land where only two senior strikers are allowed on the books at any time as well you can only really start two so what’s the point…

Not saying to imitate then but Mansfield have about five experienced strikers on their books and they’ll certainly be in shake up for top 3 so there’s your guide. The finance is there now anyway.

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Has stated by pomlett, we will have 2 new centre forwards in by the transfer deadline. Clarke has identified the two strikers he wants it’s just a waiting game, just have patience :+1:


Clarke said

“But to be successful, you have got to try and get 35/40 goals out of your strike force. At the end of the window, we will have four strikers who have got to produce that.”

So we currently have 2 strikers who might muster 15 between them and Gaffney who might get 10. So the 4th striker will have to contribute 15.

You don’t get these for free, and Clarke seems confident so he must know who he wants and who will guarantee him goals in League 2.


It’s a must. The midfield will be gritty and won’t be short of work rate but going by their career stats they don’t score goals so huge need to get at least one 15 goal striker in the building.


I believe set pieces will be our secret weapon next season


They were poor at Tranmere. None of the corners could beat the first man.

Ok, four strikers. Adebayo is one, Holden is second probably, third could be Gaffney, fourth is a mystery now. Candlin will probably get year or half year at loan or in reserves. Fourth could be that marquee signing. And that’s not tent, but marquee player probably (looks like someone likes cricket ;). If true, it could be even more interesting season. Where’s Gordon? I have no idea. Few days earlier I was sure he will be first squad starter, now I start to doubt it.

Pomlett and Clarke both seem adamant we are getting two they must already be lined up. Pomlett stated every name DC has gave him we have got so the two that come in i am sure are DCs 1st choice trust the new era we aren’t signing our 4th or 5th choice anymore. And incase you have forgotten last time we got out this league our top scorer was a midfielder with 12 and we had 4 or 5 strikers chipping in with less than 10 each. 20 goals from one man didn’t save us last season i have no issue with us spreading the goals out aslong as they come

This is the most Walsall thing I have ever seen :rofl:

True, but at Notts County we scored from one! And a centre half at that, just like LP says we need to happen more. Then again - as we do have centre halves by the bucketload , it’s the least we can expect from them.