New Walsall Song

Wooooahh, we we’ve got no direction

Wooooahh, don’t know our best eleven,

Wooooahh, Walsall FC’s going down…


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How about the theme from Steptoe and Son? Or: Money, Money, Money from Abba or Can’t get used to losing (you) by Andy Williams.

Rent. the pet shop boys

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Pension fund F C
Laughing stock of the Black Country
Pension fund F C
Not good enough for division three

To the tune of the Beatles classic:

Ooh we need your love Jeff
Guess you know it’s true
Your our number one fan Jeff
Dont support Bournemouth cos of you
Whitney, Leary, Guthrie, Swifty
We don’t mind paying you rent Jeff
Eight grand a week

Eight grand a week
Eight grand a week
Eight grand a week
Eight grand a week


The rents 400,000

It’s never gonna’ drop

Bonser and his cronies,

Allowing the club to rot

Bournemouth, Rotherham, Luton?

Who shall we support?

We’re the loyal supporters

And we want our Walsall back

Allez allez allez