Newport County (A) Tue November 24th, 7pm

so no doubt will cave in again to watch my team I love knowing full well we will produce a performance I’m going to be disappointed in .

You said it mate,“the team I love.”
It’s like falling out with the wife, can’t stay mad at her for very long!

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Er, er, how will that be different to what we usually do? :laughing:


It’s going to be tough tonight. We are out of form and I can’t see us getting anything out of this game
I only hope they don’t score in the first five minutes because I don’t want us to give up for the next 85 minutes!

3-0 loss weem cack

Would be tough to get a result tonight to be fair.


I dunno…take 'em by surprise, might be our best chance. :grinning:


We’d end up drawing 0-0. But at least Roberts didn’t have a save to make.


I’m a Glass Half Full sort of guy so stick my neck out for a 0 - 0 draw. Note to self take more water with it next time…

So true Dan…We fear Newport away, i know its tough place with the pitch etc but being a better team you should grind the result, Unfortunatly i cant see us getting anything more than a bollocking off DC and a horrible night! 3-0 Newport :frowning:

We have never done well at Newport, who can forget our embarrassment in the cup when we visited as a 3rd division squad going there for a run of the mill knock out of a 4th division outfit!
They outplayed us, on the telly an’all! Bad night for Kins I remember, running around like a little boy lost headless chicken
Can’t see beyond a minimum of a by now standard 3-0 defeat.
Clarke coming up with the usual aftermatch guff, having picked a team that could not compete in a Sunday morning league.
Leigh and his team continue to give him the thumbs up to continue the malaise.

Consecutive years in the 80s we won 2-1, 4-2, and 5-1. Also won there in 79-80, 1-0 over the Christmas period, although we won’t mention the return fixture at FP.
Our excellent win there in the Cup in 74-75 has been overshadowed by the subsequent wins over ManUre and Newcastle.
A few draws there in the 80s too, remember Caswell getting a goal that earned us a point.
Decent record at Newport as far as I can remember. :smile:


Shame with no fans that a dressing room incursion is out of the question…


Roberts has been number 1 for a few years now and hasn’t improved - Rose must start


I promise, I won’t be surprised by tactical choices, even when George will play as rush goalie. Would be nice to see one good half and even nicer, when second will be better, but no pressure. Just show you can and that’s all.

I can forget the game quite easily, I was absolutely hammered that day.
Got to Cardiff at 10am, spent some time there before finding some bar in Newport that had Soccer Saturday on, karaoke and cheap booze. Perfection. Last thing I remember is being on karaoke thinking the locals think we’re great.
A fantastic day, even the awful ■■■■ football couldn’t ruin that one, one of the best.


DC is preparing as usual for this important encounter; two hats, one with names in and the other containing formations.

Post match comments then include having a pop at the players and privately wondering, how the Hat Gods could have been so wrong.


You not going to put @davidusa out of his misery and explain about the game @WiltshireSaddler:joy:

I’ve only gone and paid for the game again tomorrow , and I haven’t even had a drink yet … :man_facepalming: :joy:

The longer I’m sitting here watching The Dingles losing the more I just know I’m gonna chuck a tenna at it tomorrow bloody knew I would!

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Don’t fight it mate , you’ll have nothing to moan about on here if you don’t do it … :wink: :rofl:

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I had same problem they did refund the tenner after about 3 weeks.Keep emailing.

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