News from the Chairman's dinner

Our latest episode has all the info from the Chairman’s dinner. We are joined by our very own Matt and Zoe who talk to us about statements made by Boycott and Sadler, where the change in set-pieces came from and much, much more from behind the scenes

We also discuss their insider info on players, and some of the staff behind the scenes at the club

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We hope you enjoy


Is there a printed summary please? Being deaf I can’t follow podcasts.

Wonder what the menu was. Philly cheese steak, triple loaded burgers, fries and cream soda

If you’re on iPhone and Apple Podcasts, transcripts are automatically produced for almost all podcasts now. You would need to be on the latest update of iOS. I would PM you the transcript, but it doesn’t allow you to copy and paste the whole thing.

Hey mate

On Spotify they provide an automated transcript.

I’m not sure good is it though

Thanks for reply, but it’s a closed mystery to me, I’ve no idea what you mean. Thanks anyway.

If you click on this link - Spotify

Then there will be an option to view the transcription on the episode

Can’t see that, sorry. Just download/sign in app.

Burnt sausage rolls and cold pies😁

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Sadly the food on offer was probably the only thing from the night we didn’t chat about

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